Engineering services are the life-force for all industries. No matter the complexity or the application, the ability to sort out the best solution for optimizing the task at hand with the right parts is, in essence, what makes the world go round. Cable assemblies are just one of the items that engineering services zero in on so that they are working at their best.
They also bear responsibilities for helping design cable assemblies to help fit established infrastructure & prepare for any changes that an industry can & usually will face in the future. This means there will be a lot of hands-on work between the design/engineering department of a cable assembly manufacturer and a prospective client. Though the number of steps will vary, these interactions will undoubtedly include:

  • Working From Scratch or Sampling
  • Prototyping
  • Redesigning
  • Testing (for function & efficiency)
  • Help Meet Industry-Specific Compliance
  • Customization of Components
    Though the work of designing the cable assemblies themselves is difficult in & of itself, the truly tough task for the manufacturer is merging innovation, quality of work & materials, plus being able to expedite delivery of materials all into one.
    Of course, there is always the all-important question to ask — when is the best time engineering services are needed for cable assemblies? Whether it be major changes in the industry such as updated standards, consequential legislation, or meeting new demand, being able to keep up is a fundamental part of businesses STAYING in business. Most industries are pretty good at identifying when they need to upgrade vital components of their operation.
    But there are always times when things such as budget, for example, can get in the way of self-assessment. This is when it pays off for companies to put in place general protocols and best practices for regular assessment of the operation. This can include general upkeep, inspections, training sessions, and making sure everything (including physical machinery/equipment) is running as efficiently as possible. Not only that, it also needs to be meeting current standards with an eye toward upgrades.
    Engineering services, for cable assemblies & in general, are of great consequence to a client. However, it all depends on finding the right firm to provide said services. This starts with asking the right questions. For example:
    What type of experience does your firm have?
    Is quality control maintained throughout the process (design to delivery) of manufacturing cable assemblies?
    Can I be given a breakdown of a schedule for delivery on my finished product?
    Will prototypes & testing units include components that will be easy to find & readily available (save for unforeseen


    All of this is to say that engineering services & cable assemblies go hand-in-hand. When looking for a cable assembly manufacturing partner, it’s important to ask questions about how much each and every department works together. These symbiotic relationships are critical to well-made cable assemblies and their components, the likes of which help keep an array of industries moving forward.
    This is what has made LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Illinois such a game-changer for decades. Since 1967, we have been a go-to name for custom-engineered interconnect solutions across a wide array of diverse industries. Contact our team here at LoDan to see what has made us a pioneering force for nearly six decades.