As technology progresses, it gets easier to create and manufacture the electronics that make technology happen. It’s a synergetic circle of benefit, we make electronic equipment that allows today’s modern technological feats to be possible, while innovation and engineering improve and increase our production of equipment. The customer demands, the producer supplies, and technology is the track that this process moves along. The question must be asked, then, of where to go from there? How can this process be upgraded even more, to increase the sales of the products, as well as the satisfaction of the customer?


When it comes to the term “turnkey”, this refers to the construction of a product that is ready for immediate use: no assembly required. This comes in to play in many ways with electro-mechanical assemblies. For example, many assemblies are standardized, and can be produced in this turnkey manner so that they are ready to use as the consumer purchases them. However, though it may seem contradictory, turnkey elements are also being used by companies that manufacture custom made electronics assemblies, specific to the client’s needs.


There are some elements of the customization of electro-mechanical assemblies. The chances of clients wanting similar capabilities are relatively high. Therefore, production in the world of customized manufacturing of assemblies can sometimes generalize when it comes to parts that they produce. The overall product will be different from that of another client, but there are opportunities for streamlining by churning out similar sets, which saves the customer time.


Another way in which turnkey elements are used in electro-mechanical assemblies is in the finished product itself. Even if the assembly is custom made for the customer, they should be ready to install easily directly after purchase. There are manufacturers who can guarantee that their product will be high quality, produced in a timely fashion, customized to meet specific client needs, as well as being ready to install. As advances in technology increase the possibilities of what we can achieve, customers can expect higher quality and higher levels of service that only the most competitive electro-mechanical assembly providers can offer.


The bottom line here is convenience. Convenience is the word of the 21st century; we want more things, we want them bigger, better, and we want them faster. And above all, we don’t want to waste our time or money. This translates to the electro-mechanical assembly manufacturing business in the form of competition between producers to have all the needs of their clients met in a timely and affordable. Part of those needs is having easy assembly and installation times. The producer that can not only customize assemblies for their customers, but also incorporate turnkey elements for a stress-free easy installation on the customer’s end, will reap the benefits over their competition. To the victor go the spoils, which includes happy customers.


Incorporating turnkey elements and mentality is a win-win situation for the producer and the customer. In the same way that the producer who can save money in the manufacturing process, can save the customer money on the end price, the producer who can make the finished product more convenient for the customer, makes life easier for themselves by having satisfied customers. That is the ultimate pay-off.


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