Are all custom power assemblies alike? While the layperson may say, “Yes”, industry insiders and interconnect solutions firm will resoundingly say, “Not even close.” The crazy thing is that in some respects, both answers are somewhat correct. However, this simple framing of power assemblies belies the complexity that exists in this area of industrial/mechanical manufacturing.
Everything that connects into a power source utilizes a power assembly. In an increasingly mechanized & computerized world, it is safe to say that power assemblies are of particular importance. Not only do they need to work when they’re called upon to function, but whomever manufacturers the power assemblies needs to make sure their product is able to stand out among the competition. The latter is proving most crucial as each day brings about a new interconnect solutions company claiming to be better than others.
Power assemblies can be found in everything from alternative power source infrastructure to in-the-field handheld devices whose mobility enhances a company’s ability provide a much broader service to clients.
What things need to be considered when possibly investing in custom power assemblies? It seems like a fairly straightforward question, but there are a few things to consider. For example:

Understanding the Application

No two industries are the same. While there may be some overlap, for the most part, each industry will have certain criteria its facilities and infrastructure must adhere to in full (if not exceed). A power assembly needs to be able to meet specific needs. When breaking down specifications, it will be important to make note of these standards & criteria so as to spec out the right assembly.

Understanding & Accounting for Variables

Are there issues that a power assembly may encounter such as extreme heat or cold? Does current connectivity suffer due to substandard components? Both the customer & power assembly manufacturer need to be on the same page so that any & all variables can be accounted for when detailing specifications.


Power assemblies aren’t necessarily the most costly expenditure. However, when customization comes into the picture, things start to change. The problem is that while the custom components may need to change, available budget for said expenditure doesn’t. Simply getting by will not cut it as it can lead to: 1) degradation of other components/machinery; 2) less-than-worthy final products; and 3) perhaps worst of all, degradation of customer trust. Top-tier assembly manufacturers can look at your budget & find ways to meet and exceed needs without breaking the bank.

Thinking Ahead

Technology moves a mile a minute. While pride can be taken in certain industries for maintaining & using older machinery and tech, many of the more mechanically-inclined and technologically profound industries need to stay on the cutting edge. As such, power assemblies must be thought about in terms of what future tech may hold. What’s more, it takes an assessment of what components are currently being used & how best increase functionality.
Finally, and this has been alluded to, there is an inherent need to make sure one works with the right manufacturing partner. Custom power assemblies need to do their job correctly from the start. With such little room for error, the manufacturing partner needs to be well-versed in the industry they’re serving so that all manner of troubleshooting can be done when detailing specifications for the final product.
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