If you are new to an industry, one of the first things you must do is become familiar with the nomenclature of said industry. Though most of your work will be to getting to know major products, parts, and services, it is important to be aware of what cable assemblies are and how they benefit your prospective client/customer.
The most basic way of defining a cable assembly is as follows: it is a group of cables or wires that come together in a single unit. While functions of cable assemblies can vary from industry to industry, the essence of what they do boils down to the transmitting power or information from one area to another. The assembly proves to be an ideal vehicle for transmitting these signals and information efficiently because everything is grouped into an easy-to-install package. One of the greatest advantages of cable assemblies is that they are easy to maintain and replace.
Though the humble cable assembly is but a basic device, the ins and outs of working with them can be overwhelming for a first-timer. As such, here is a beginner’s guide to cable assembly:
Understanding Installation and Environment — You need to get into the heart of the actual nuts & bolts of your company. Your chosen cable assembly manufacturer will want you to provide information about how your current assemblies work, as well as details about the environment in which they operate.
Providing Exact Numbers for Lower Cost on Materials — One of the great budget-busters in any industry is buying too much of something & not using it. If you are in need of ordering cable assemblies, you need to provide your manufacturer measurements so as to reduce the amount of wasted materials. You don’t want to be on the hook for stuff on the proverbial “cutting floor”.
Guidance from Preliminary Design to Final Product — You need your prospective cable assembly manufacturer to also be a partner in the process. One of the things you want is to have the manufacturer provide guidance to you & your company from beginning to end, providing feedback on everything from connector options to budget.
Manufacturer Experience — If there is perhaps one thing to know for sure when it comes to cable assemblies, it is that you go with a manufacturer that has years of experience working with a number of industries. While it can be tempting to go with the flashy “new kid in town”, nothing beats working with a manufacturer that has gotten the job done right for years.
Cable assemblies are simple products that have a major influence on the efficiency of your industry. Having a basic idea of how they work is essential in knowing how best to find the right manufacturer to provide a top-quality product that easily meets, and exceeds, your expectations.
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