FAQs, Facts, and Tips About Mast Cable Assemblies

If you have ever seen a television news team reporting from the scene, you may have noticed a large pole like structure with an antenna at the top. These devices are known as mast cable assemblies, and they have a plethora of applications and functions beyond just television broadcasting. In fact, it is their versatility that makes them so desirable for many custom projects in communications, custom computing, and various in-the-field operations. Here are a few common FAQs about mast cable assemblies.

Why are they a common choice for field operations?

The simple answer to this question is convenience. Whether you are broadcasting or receiving signals, or taking weather measurements, a mast assembly is quick to deploy, often coming with a telescoping pole. These devices are designed to withstand the pressures of operating in the field. They are built to withstand high winds and extreme weather, vibrations and shocks, and repeated coiling and flexing, so that they can be re-deployed again and again.

What makes a mast assembly so rugged and durable?

These devices are carefully engineered to withstand the elements and the various stresses of redeployment in the elements, but the biggest indicator of an assemblies quality is the choice materials used. The wire itself must be capable of receiving and transmitting signals accurately and over long distances, yet flexible enough for repeated coiling and flexing. The choice of insulation and jacketing used in the wire protects it from extreme temperatures and moisture. The end result is a wire that is tough enough to handle the pressures of in the field use and still maintain a long and useful service life.

What type of Wire is used?

More often than not the cable used is composed of aluminum with copper coating as the internal conductor, with shielding made of copper braiding. Typically this will be covered with a polyurethane jacket for weather protection and flexibility. This combination of conductor and shielding is field tested to withstand extreme environments, yet provide high level broadband performance with little to no signal loss.

Why Choose a Custom Assembly?

The main advantage to choosing a custom assembly is that you have first pick of the highest quality materials, and can take advantage of the capabilities and equipment of a producer experienced in a wide variety of cable production methods. Every product is stress- and safety-tested so you can rest assured you are getting the best for your money. Additionally, this allows you to pick and choose custom capabilities for your assembly, to suit a wide variety of purposes.

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