Choosing the Right Cable Assembly: 4 Smart Tips

When sourcing cable assemblies for your industrial or commercial project, the last thing you want is failures in your finished product. Since this often leads to production downtime to troubleshoot and re-train, as well as costly repairs, it is best to avoid this by making sure you are getting the most for your money. However, usually all you need is to educate yourself about cable assemblies, how they are produced, and what your options are. Here are five tips for choosing the right assembly.

1. How to Find Suppliers

Your first step in sourcing the right assemblies for your project is to identify a few suppliers you might like to work with. You might find some providers specialize in the type of product you are working on, and this is often a good way to narrow down the field. Beyond that, word of mouth is almost always the most reliable way to find quality suppliers. Ask others in your industry who they have worked with in the past.

2. Know What to Look for In a Supplier

There are a few things that any cable assembly manufacturer should be able to provide, and should have a long record of satisfied customers who can back up their claim. These include the capability to make a wide range of products, so that they can allow for maximal customization. Over the long run this will lead to more unique and innovative products for your customers.

Secondly, you should look for flexible capacity manufacturing. They should be able to produce prototype orders, as well as large volume orders. You should always be certain that your production line is going to get the materials it needs, when it needs it.

Finally, the best providers have comprehensive engineering and design services. Even if you already have a design for your wire harness already, having in house engineering support from your supplier is a must. This will ensure that quality of the materials you receive are top notch and produced by well-trained technicians.

3. Know the Costs

After finding a few candidates who meet the above minimum criteria, it is time to let cost start factoring into your decision. Be on the look out for hidden charges, as well as opportunities to save time and money when working with your account manager.

4. Pay for Quality

Keep in mind that if quality is low, having jeapordize your production, or worse, your reputation is not worth the cost. Always check the industrial, operational, and precision standards that your provider is certified in. It is also a good idea to investigate how your supplier inspects both raw materials and finished products for quality assurance.

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