A Brief Overview of 5 Types of Custom Cable Accessories

When in the market for a custom cable manufacturing company, you should, of course, consider the company’s ability to provide efficient and safe cable assemblies. Part of creating a reliable cable component is utilizing the correct cable accessories. It is important to not neglect this facet of your search. Take a look at the following guide to learn more about five types of accessories:

1. Cable Glands

Cable glands are often the last component, but the most important, to a cable assembly. Glands are often comprised of plastic, brass, aluminum or even stainless steel. Glands often secure the cable to a piece of equipment. They can also be used as a sealing device or a termination piece. In other words, when a cable enters an application, such as a computer, the cable glands ensures the cable is secure and not susceptible to damage.

2. Shrink Tubing

In custom cable manufacturing, there is always a concern that the wires in a cable are well insulated. In order to achieve proper insulation, some companies turn to shrink tubing. Simplified, the tubing is generally comprised of some malleable material, like plastic. Heat is used to shrink the tubing to fit tightly and securely around all wires. The process itself can be more complex, involving certain additives to the casing in order to provide environmental protection.

3. Connectors

Connectors are often mistaken for cable glands. However, there is a subtle distinction between the two, and they should not be used interchangeably. Electronically, there are jacks and plugs that allow cables to be inserted into applications. Connectors also allow for splicing, so that cables may be inserted into different venues.

4. Cable Straps

Cable straps are fairly straightforward in that most people are familiar with their uses. Cable straps usually contain a hook-and-loop format to keep cables contained. There are many types, however, from re-useable, adjustable, rigid and flexible. They are comprised of different materials. Regardless, cable straps are useful for containing and managing applications and cables.

5. Wire Bundling

In the custom cable manufacturing field, workers often find it necessary to secure several wires or cables together for optimal function and performance. Often a company will utilize certain ties comprised primarily of plastic to bind several wires together, creating a harness of sorts. Good wire bundling accessories will be able to withstand a fluctuating temperature range and different environmental factors, like shocks and vibrations.

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