Panel enclosures are exactly what they sound like — structures built to protect equipment from surroundings that have been deemed problematic in some way. Given the vast array of environments that can exist in workspaces (e.g., warehouses, factories, office buildings), the type of panel enclosure that may be called upon will be different per given situation.
But one has to ask the all-important question — are panel enclosures truly necessary? Considering that if there is certain equipment that is deemed dangerous or something to remain clear of unless on has certain clearance, wouldn’t it be easy enough to simply let employees know to stay away? Furthermore, wouldn’t facilities be built in such a way to keep said equipment at a physical distance from personnel unless they were cleared to be near it?
Of course, the answer is, “No.” Plain and simple, safety in the workplace starts and stops with making sure all precautions are taken to keep all personnel safe. As such, identifying the proper panel enclosure to accomplish this is crucial to this end. Some of the most notable reasons to need panel enclosures include:

Environmental Concerns

Electronic equipment does not fare well when exposed to the elements. However, it’s important to remember that ‘elements’ can be as simple as being exposed to dirt & dust, which can wreak havoc on instrumentation.

Proximity to Moisture

High humidity, proximity to bodies of water, or other forms of moisture can lead to catastrophic results if they get in contact with equipment not rated for moisture.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Electromagnetic & radio frequency interference can impede connectivity. What’s more, equipment can also cause interference. Panel enclosures with proper EMI/RFI shielding can aid in preventing this.

Protection from Chemical Corrosion

Some environments have caustic materials around at all times, even with sensitive equipment in close proximity. Protection is paramount to protect equipment from major damage or complete failure, if not worse.

Prolonged Exposure to Corrosive Environments

One might not realize it, but exposure to things like sea water can be quite corrosive. Equipment that is to be had in areas near or on the water need protection from these coastal elements.

Combustible/Explosive Threats

When dealing with chemical plants or oil & gas facilities, there are times when enclosures may be called upon to be able to contain explosions caused by combustible gases.
One of the more recent developments in the need for panel enclosures has been the idea of Internet of Things (IoT). It’s how things are staying connected across a vast network. The more we keep everything tied to everything else, the more we have to protect the connection. As such, the right panel enclosure to ensure privacy, security, and protection from intellectual property.
Panel enclosures in Illinois might be different than those needed elsewhere. But when you’ve got a trendsetting manufacturer like LoDan Electronics, Inc. at the helm, no job is too big.