So much of today’s technology relies heavily on custom cable manufacturing. Whether that be from supplying power to the nation’s households and businesses, to relaying high-fidelity and secure information across the Internet or telephone lines, or ensuring the proper functioning of today’s assembly lines, wire and cable harnesses have a hand in making it all work. If you are unfamiliar with the various custom cable products available to businesses, and consumers, here are five common types.

Cable Assemblies

The first and most basic type of cabling product is your standard cable assembly. These products can be customized in terms of materials, both the actual wire, its insulating materials, and terminal connectors, as well as aesthetics and even the installation process. These assemblies are typically meant to serve a single purpose, such as transmitting a signal, or powering a specific device.

Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

An advanced version of the typical cable assembly, a multi-conductor cable assembly may be composed of several different cables that serve multiple purposes. Much like a regular cable assembly, you are still allowed the freedom to customize everything from length and type of wire, the color and any special printing on the outer insulating jacket of the wire, and the terminal connections themselves. No matter what your application, a custom cable provider will be able to completely meet all of your specifications.

Mast Cable Assemblies

If you are in the television news business, or even if you have seen a network TV van around your town before, you probably noticed a large metal pole with a coil of wire wrapped around it. This is called a mast cable assembly and is used to broadcast signals from the field, back to a central headquarters for mixing and processing. This type of assembly is unique in that it must be able to withstand all different types of weather and environmental conditions.

Sensor Cable Assembly

Perhaps you are the manager of a warehouse, and must make sure that the various zones of the warehouse stay at a particular temperature to avoid spoilage. In this case a sensor assembly might just be the thing for you. A sensor cable assembly is unique in that it has a sensor on it that is used to measure and record specific metrics, such as temperature, barometric pressure, or even sound. There are as many types of sensor assemblies as there are types of sensors, so you are truly only limited by your imagination for this type of product.

Engine Harnesses

Pop open the hood of your car, and you are bound to see miles and miles of wire and cable snaking about all the different parts of your engine. These special wire assemblies are known as an engine harness, and supply electrical power to all of the various electromechanical components of your automobile. From the battery, to the alternator, to every other component, an engine harness keeps your vehicle running smoothly and reliably.

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