5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Custom Cable Manufacturing Rep

Working with representatives in the custom cable manufacturing process can be a stressful experience if you are unfamiliar with the progression. Knowing what to expect can ease your worries and help prepare you to ask the questions necessary for an efficient cable assembly. Finding the right representative requires an understanding of your industry as well as the ability to communicate. Take a look at the following questions to help you get started in your search today:

1. What are the qualifications of your company?

Step one to finding a great representative is to find a great company. Businesses that specialize in electronics and custom cable manufacturing have their own set of industry standards to meet. Certifications are a great indicator of professionalism and competence. Take a look at the company’s certifications. Registration with UL signals that the company is a part of a larger group of professional companies that operate in compliance with high industry standards. Certifications for cable manufacturers indicate reliability and compliance with global standards for efficiency, safety, and performance. Any certification will indicate that a company has undergone rigorous inspections and testing. When you are dealing with electrical components, you want to be assured that safety comes first.

2. Have you worked with people in my industry before?

Attaining the right cable assembly for your needs rests upon the fact that a company has experience with your particular business. Your representative should have a thorough understanding with the environment in which you will place your assembly and with the needs and functions of that cable. Ask to see a client list or request to hear about any prior work.

3. Do you outsource any work?

The process of outsourcing work is helpful to understand, when it comes to evaluating cost and efficiency. Custom cable manufacturing means different things for different companies. Some businesses are very small and handle only very specific jobs. Other companies are larger and take the time to customize certain portions of the process, while outsourcing more common parts. This can lower costs for certain technical parts.

4. Would you like to see the environment in which I work?

A professional and experienced representative will ask for blueprints, photographs or tours of your facility and the portion in which your cable assembly will be installed. This is important to gain a complete picture of the elements and space. Be sure to have drawings or photos available to help communicate your cable needs.

5. Which parts should I customize?

The process of custom cable manufacturing generally contains a mixture of specific customizations and generic, pre-assembled pieces. Not only does this help keep costs lower, but it also saves on time. Your representative should be able to help you choose which portions of your assembly to customize based on your needs and budget.

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