As winter descends upon us, it’s important to remember that for all of the effort taken to make sure our bodies are protected, the same, if not more, must be done for sensitive structures like mast cable assemblies. Cold temperatures, like those of extreme cold environments, can be detrimental to all exposed items. Mast cable assemblies, by their nature, are in the elements year-round, which means regular protection against climate changes is imperative to keeping parts operational.
But what exactly defines cold weather? Geographic variations can bring about wide scopes of chillier temperatures. As such, getting a mast cable assembly ready to contend with these lower temps will not be the same for everyone.
It must be noted that colder weather is more than just a distinct change in air temperature. Winter conditions bring about swings in moisture & humidity, as well as different forms of precipitation. Ice, snow, and sleet can be catastrophic to anything mechanical.
As with any vital business decision to be made, there is a need to planning ahead. This proactive approach will allow you to think about the best options for protecting your mast cable assemblies, while also providing an opportunity to do so in a cost-effective manner.
Here are a few points to consider:
Visible Issues
Inspecting mast cable assemblies should be a regular activity to keep them at optimal performance. You want to check for signs of degradation, corrosion, and general damage.
A durable cover made specifically to ward off inclement weather during winter months is something to keep in mind. Aside from various types of moisture & low air temperatures, high winds can cause damage to loose items on the assembly.
The ins & outs of what your mast cable assemblies do will help in trying to figure out the best way to protect it/them from rough winter weather. The last thing you want to do is get in the way of the physical operation of the mast or impact its job (e.g., telecommunications).
The most important item to consider regarding mast cable assemblies in cold weather is the manufacturer with which you work. A critical component of any mast design is thinking about how best to address the physical impact the environment will have on it. Experienced manufacturers know this & will ask the right questions to find the best solution. You also want to work with a manufacturer who is involved with a number of industries. That diverse background means they’ve designed, produced, and delivered mast cable assemblies for all seasons.
When cold weather looks to be an issue with your mast cable assemblies, trust the expert advice from LoDan Electronics, Inc. to get you set-up to tackle the toughest conditions.