It’s no secret that some companies might be a little hesitant to buy or use wire harness from Mexico. This hesitancy may come from a belief that technical precision might not be capable. Others may feel that a language barrier could impact even the best technical expertise.

International Cooperation

First, as with most queries on international commerce, there is no easy answer. Consideration about the working relationship between the United States & Mexico is top of mind. This relationship has existed for generations, even with a bit of political posturing by both sides. Unfortunately, the last few years have seen tensions become more pronounced, leaving many to wonder about commercial stability across the southern border. At their best, labor forces and marketplaces on both sides of the border work as one, creating the kind of environment in which wire harness manufacturing thrives. The synergy of this relationship faces some tough times.

Adapting To Differences

Culturally, policies & procedures of a U.S. workforce don’t translate completely to that of a Mexican workforce. Mexico is a country whose citizens have a profoundly close relationship with the past. The diversity in their culture & customs, and the reverence for their history greatly influences their present & future. This means that adaptations of policy & procedure are essential to making manufacturing operations run smoothly.

Staying Ahead Gets Tougher

Discussions about manufacturing wire harness in Mexico must acknowledge the difficulty of staying ahead of competition. Data indicates that Mexico has tens of millions of people in the labor pool, with a hefty percentage of degreed and/or highly-educated individuals in said pool. But with more companies in every industry moving some, or all, manufacturing operations across the border, attracting a skilled & highly education workforce before they are scooped up by someone else is getting tougher to do.

Delivery of Goods

Few things are as important as getting materials to a customer on time. Even when customers are stateside, it doesn’t mean they’re close to the ONE manufacturing location a company has. Having an efficient manufacturing facility in Mexico means that materials can be produced at the same standard & can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get goods to a customer.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the question about whether manufacturing wire harness in Mexico being “worth it” is tough to answer. Every company has to come to its own conclusions. That said, working with a long-tenured, experienced manufacturing partner well-versed in international operations is the first step to making the right decision.
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