When working with, or learning about, mast cable assemblies, it is important to know that you’re working with a piece of equipment that provides a pivotal service to a number of industries. Moreover, it can be argued that mast cable assemblies serve as the foundation for our ability to keep connected to the entire globe by way of our phones, the internet, and every media outlet on the planet.
So, just what does a mast cable assembly provide the backbone for? It’s simple — communication. Mast cable assemblies allow for the transmission of signals in all manner of industry and application. The ability to maintain quality, high-definition transmission of electronic information is what allows all of us to keep connected to each other and the world. That said, it must also be noted that the physical mast itself, often telescopic, is also beneficial when the need to get something up high is crucial such as flood lights in an emergency. It’s a workhorse that can be fit to serve many needs.
However, maintaining communication across industries certainly becomes the more important task. For example, the medical field and the military utilize mast cable assemblies, and this is especially useful when they are in need of being mobile.
But if you’re a purchasing agent looking to procure mast cable assemblies for your company, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:
Knowing Primary Use & Environmental Stresses — There are important questions to ask when it comes to mast cable assemblies. What will it be used for? Will there be any multi-purpose needs? Is it hot? Cold? Are there needs to handle continuous use? Having answers to these basic questions makes it easier to talk to a manufacturer so that they understand what kind of product you require.
Firm Understanding of Specifications — The saying “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” certainly rings true in manufacturing. In order for a mast cable assembly to be built well and correctly, the specifications provided by the customer must be precise. This provides a good opportunity for both manufacturer and customer to work together so as to get the right numbers in place.
Compliance — Considering you’re dealing with communication and an assembly that will physically be in the air, it’s important to know that maintaining local, state, and federal compliance will possibly be the biggest hurdle you’ll face. This a legal matter and one not to be overlooked or thought less of in this process.
Communication has been our primary focus when it comes to mast cable assemblies and their function. While it can be said that this is the most crucial of its functions, it would be a disservice to mast cable assemblies as a whole. A vast array of industries utilize them in various ways, which creates the need for a level of specialization that some manufacturers of these assemblies may not be able to meet. As such, finding the right manufacturer with the industry know-how, product knowledge & engineering capabilities to get your company exactly what it needs is of the utmost importance.
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