Anytime your company needs to contract any type of work, it can feel as though you’re leaving things to chance, and that’s the last thing you want to deal with when financial resources & time are on the line. While any contracting can be nerve-wrecking, it must be said that contracting work on electro-mechanical assemblies can really be a daunting task.
These types of assemblies are taking electrical information and creating mechanical movement. The type of mechanical movement involved, however, isn’t just based on blunt force movement. Companies are usually looking for detailed mechanical movement to perform certain tasks for any number of industries. Therefore, if you’re company has decided to contract its electro-mechanical assemblies, you need to be very sure that the prospective manufacturer can do the job well.
So, should your company find itself in need of electro-mechanical assemblies, here are a few questions you must ask before anyone signs on the dotted line:
What type of in-house system exists to help with quality control? — You always want to be sure that a manufacturer can keep track of your order in its facility & can perform QC checks as needed to ensure things are moving along nicely.
What do you have in place for continuity testing at your facility or facilities? — This is a rudimentary task that should be no problem for any manufacturer of electro-mechanical assemblies should be able to do without hesitation. Any misgivings about an answer to this question may make you look elsewhere.
Do you have up-to-date licensing, certification, and all pertinent documentation indicating you maintain (or exceed) industry standards? — While there’s no specific order to these questions, this should probably be the first question you ask. If you need certain standards maintained by your contractors and they don’t have the right credentials or documentation to measure up, move on. They may do jobs well, but your job won’t be one of them.
What data do you have available on your overall production volume? — This one’s a little tricky. You want to work with a manufacturer that is busy and has had a significant time in the business. Then again, you also want to be sure your order is not getting lost in a sea of other orders.
In many respects, finding the right manufacturer for your electro-mechanical assemblies feels as though you are screening candidates for a job. The fact of the matter is that you are, in fact, vying for the right candidate to secure the position. “Time is money.” This is a time-honored adage used to essentially say that wasting time was tantamount to wasting money. These are two precious resources that can’t be squandered “good enough.”
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