If you have ever wondered what that whirling, mechanical, spinning sound was when you started up any number of devices, then you are familiar with fan assemblies. These particular items can be found in everything from computers to HVAC systems and everything in between. Industries as varied as medicine, industrial environments, as well as food and beverage take advantage of the benefits that come with a well-designed and well-built fan assembly.
This, of course, leads to one inevitable question to be asked — what is a fan assembly?
The overall size, shape, and dimensions of fan assemblies will vary based on the application. That said, the basic function of a fan assembly is the same across designs. Fan assemblies act as important tools for heat dissipation. One of the leading causes for damage to sensitive parts in most industrial/manufacturing/computational environments has to do with the build-up of heat. As such, fan assemblies work to move the hot air being created away from the most sensitive areas.
Some of the more visible examples of fan assemblies the greater public sees are those found in gaming computers. With players putting in hours of playtime a day & each game demanding incredibly high amounts of processing power, most computer gaming systems have to be built from the ground up. Fan assemblies for these systems are much more powerful than on a standard system in order to handle heat dissipation. The issue is of such consequence that liquid cooling systems are available that combine fan assemblies and water cooling.
It is important to remember that fan assemblies on the more industrial side of things are really a bigger version of this. Heat dissipation is a must in order to address the very nature of how electromechanical assemblies work. It is also important to understand which type of fan assembly is needed in a facility. Breakdowns usually are in terms of AC and DC types, with each having a few variants.
However, when it comes to choosing the right type of fan assembly, there are a number of factors that must be considered. For example:

  • consideration of the materials that will be moving in & out of the fan
  • building in redundancy for employee safety
  • try to optimize efficiency of fan assemblies with a correctly-sized and spec’d units
    More than anything, choosing fan assemblies for a particular application force companies to truly understand how their facilities work. What’s more, they learn how their facilities can work best, more efficiently, and can learn to be budget-conscious about major expenditures because they are focused on buying a product that suits that needs of their application as closely as possible.
    Of course, this entire process require time, mathematics, and expertise the likes of which will require working with an outside partner. LoDan Electronics, Inc. of Chicago has been that partner since 1967. We’ve establishing ourself as a competitive global manufacturer who is responsive to today’s demands from our customers.
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