Value and service are important in any industry, and it is no different for custom cable manufacturing. While excellent service and production should always be expected, there are other ways of improving the value of the cable or harnesses you are having produced. By providing extra, customized services to the order, the usability of the components and the value of the final product are improved. Added value allows you to provide a better quality product or to pass savings down to your customer, keeping you competitive in your market place. By simply working with a cable manufacturer representative and expressing your needs, a number of value added processes can be applied to your order.

Tube, sleeve, and wire cutting or stripping

Cutting or stripping wires requires a lot of added time on your end during the assembly stage. If you know the project requires certain lengths of wire, then it is advisable to build that specification directly into the order from the custom cable manufacturing company. Whether it is multi-conductor end stripping, end to end cutting and stripping, or the efficiency of processing multiple wires at once, this stage is often best left to the professionals. Your staff may have tools to use, but most likely aren’t trained to be as precise as the computerized machinery used by the manufacturers. Not to mention, it adds staff time to the project, which equals added cost.

The same is true for stripping cables for a specific amount of exposed wire. Pneumatic machines provide a clean, accurate cut every time, which is important for heat shrink tubing and sleeves. The result is a consistent, professional finish that is ready for installation. The cutters can be calibrated to cut a wide variety of lengths, depending on what is needed.

Ribbon cable can also be specifically tailored for your custom cable manufacturing needs, despite its shape. Just as with other types of cable, the special type can be processed and customized with computerized tools. It can be cut to length, spliced, stripped, or processed an a number of ways. A variety of connectors can also be added to the ends, making them ready for easy installation.

Customized products

If your company is working on their own project and already has the supplies and design, but not the time, tools, or space for assembly, a custom cable manufacturing facility could be the best option. By outsourcing, the price could be reduced and time saved. Simply provide the specs and components to outsource the step. The customized order can help you reach or beat your deadline.

There is no better value than adding customization to an order. This makes your product unique from that of competitors. One upgrade option for custom cable manufacturing is imprinted sleeve and tube markings. Rather than relying on smudgy pen marks or stickers that degrade and fall off, the wires can be professionally printed with correct labels or logos. The markings bend perfectly with the sheaths and your staff won’t have to waste time distinguishing wires for proper assembly. Options like that help make the assembly easier and improve the quality of the end product.

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