Turn on the news, and you’ll undoubtedly see a number of news reports about the state of diplomacy between the United States and its neighbor to the south, Mexico. For many, it raises concerns about the future of industry, and when it comes to the manufacturing of wire harness, Mexico finding itself in a political spat with the U.S. can mean the possible compromising of an important partnership for U.S. manufacturers.
For years, Mexico was thought to be a second-tier country, one that provided nothing more than political trouble for the rest of North America. However, for those in the know, Mexico has been part of the lifeblood of manufacturing all manner of goods for parent companies based in the United States. In fact, Mexico has gained a strong reputation for providing a workforce unlike any other in the world, subsequently changing the face of manufacturing globally.
Here are a few things to consider regarding wire harness manufactured in Mexico:
Savings/Budget ⏤ Perhaps the main reason that manufacturing of all kinds, not just for wire harness, has moved south of the border is because the low cost of wages. Moreover, the savings keep coming based on how insurance (various) and social security, for example, factor into a very low loaded labor cost.
Delivery of Goods ⏤ Manufacturers want to be able to get goods to customers, and being nearby makes this possible. A U.S.-based company with a facility in Mexico has a significantly higher proximity than would a facility anywhere else in the world.
High Degree of Experience ⏤ One of the biggest pluses that comes with working with a Mexican labor force is that they are experienced in the work, bringing a degree of experience hard to replicate anywhere else. They can produce materials meeting specified standards, and there is a high level of productivity in Mexican facilities.
Consistency & Quality ⏤ Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to manufacturing wire harness in Mexico is that the product is of a high quality time after time. This instills a high degree of confidence on the part of the customer receiving the goods.
The quality of wire harness Mexico is capable of manufacturing should not be questioned as years of successful product being delivered to customers has shown it’s a tremendous option to have available. The key is working with a manufacturer that has a facility in Mexico that builds goods under the same stringent standards as the parent facility located stateside. Moreover, said manufacturer should also have an extensive resumé listing the number of clients and industries with which it maintains relationships.
LoDan Electronics, Inc. provides customers with quality interconnect solutions such as wire harness in Mexico, the United States, and China, all while continuing to set industry standards since 1967.