Manufacturing can be a complicated business in and of itself, and this is made significantly more difficult when you consider products coming from manufacturing facilities outside of the United States. If your industry happens to rely heavily on the top-tier quality of a wire harness, Mexico might not immediately come to mind as the country of origin you feel most comfortable with to produce a quality product. However, decades of successful manufacturing from facilities south of the border may be starting to change people’s minds.
If you’re a commercial contractor interested in wire harnesses coming from Mexico, here are a few things you need to know:
Understanding of Quality Control — Stateside manufacturing facilities must maintain certain certifications and licensing to produce materials for any given industry they support. As such, the same standard must be met by facilities of these same manufacturers found outside the country. As a commercial contractor, you want to be sure this is the case.
Maintenance of Engineering Specification — There is an unfortunate belief that manufacturing products in Mexico means producing an inferior product, which is most certainly not the case. Not only do you have a highly skilled, and very capable, workforce in place, but you also have one of the most highly-touted & growing manufacturing sectors anywhere in the world.
Length of Time in Mexico — You want to be sure to ask how long a manufacturer has maintained a facility in Mexico. While being a relative newcomer may not be a deal-breaker, knowing that a manufacturer has maintained a facility for a considerable amount of time can bring some peace of mind.
Maintaining a global presence is often priority number one for manufacturers looking to be successful over the course of years. As such, when manufacturing includes the wire harness, Mexico stands out as a reliable location for highly skilled workers, cost-effective production, and a strategically beneficial area for delivering materials. It is important to note that the current political climate may prove to be difficult to navigate for both manufacturer and client alike, but it is reassuring to know that Mexico & the U.S. have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship in manufacturing for quite some time.
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