Commercial construction sites are incredibly busy, chaotic environments with a number of teams working toward one goal — completion of the project at hand. A casual look at the modern commercial construction site will entail seeing a mass of cables, likely the result of custom cable manufacturing.
While somewhat basic in their appearance (though projects vary), custom cables are responsible for some of the most complicated inner workings of any industry. What’s more, since the cabling used in modern commercial construction is highly customized, the job of the commercial contractor is made tougher as they need to be very familiar with the components that make up said cabling. They also need to make sure the custom cables are being installed correctly.
The knowledge of commercial contractors in terms of custom cable manufacturing does not stop there. They also need to be aware of the following:

Technical Knowledge & Assessment

The commercial contractor working with custom cables will likely be entrenched in the mechanical & electrical systems. While knowledge on how all of these pieces go together is crucial, contractors may also find themselves providing input on both functionality & efficiency of a prospective cable design. Also, both they & their team will need to maintain assessment of the cable install so as to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Building Codes & Industry Standards

Other than the intricate technical working of cables & cable assemblies, commercial contractors need to be well-versed with regulatory building codes. This means understanding local, state, and federal guidelines regarding proper installation, tolerances, etc.. Custom cables have to meet industry standards as stand-alone builds, not to mention the standards put forth by the customer who placed the order in the first place.

Understanding Budget

The design decisions of custom cables carry a lot of weight based on the nature of a project. With modern buildings aiming to meet the needs of a more tech-savvy world, it’s not surprising to see how much cabling can cost. While the commercial contractor may not be necessarily the “money guy” on a project, a survey of contractors showed a correlation between their ability provide stellar work while keeping an eye on the cost of a project & being hired regularly.
In order for a commercial contractor to do their job well, it starts with working with materials that are, in laymen’s terms, “easy in, easy out”. This, of course, means finding the right custom cable manufacturing partner. Working with the right manufacturer ensures that the materials to be delivered will be: 1) exactly what is needed; and 2) function as needed. One of the least talked about yet highly important responsibilities commercial contractors have is being able to manage timelines. Working with the right entities from the start ensures that time, money, and other precious resources will not be wasted.
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