Every industry has tools and materials that are very particular to the type of business they do day in and day out. When it comes to the industries that utilize mast cable assemblies, however, you might find that the number of industries using this tool is nearly overwhelming. Given the high volume and variety of clientele that employ mast cable assemblies, it leads one to ask an important question — what is so special about mast cable assemblies?
It might be best to define what a mast cable assembly is. In essence, a cable assembly is coiled around a mast that is able to be extended up to specified heights. In order to protect the cable assembly, a jacket of sorts surrounds the cable assembly for protection from the elements. As the mast is lowered, the coiled cable assembly comes down in a well-managed form into a basket that holds the cable assembly until its next use. In fact, if you’ve ever seen a news truck or a local utility crew working, you’ve most certainly seen a mast cable assembly in action.
If you’re a commercial contractor who is trying to find the right mast cable assembly manufacturer, there are a few things you should know:
Power and Signal Conduction — Industrial controls doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. As such, being able to get a working signal to difficult areas becomes less so with the use of a mast cable assembly. Moreover, having the ability to get power to an area that isn’t easy to reach is key in making sure delays don’t take place.
Adaptable Tool for Public Utilities — While most public utility companies might find it easy to handle tasks at certain heights with heavy-duty machinery, mast cable assemblies provide the form and function to cast light on projects when utilities are interrupted. Perfect examples include severe storms that knock out electricity or flash flooding that require rigging for service personnel to get things back on track.
Communication and Signal Strength — Mast cable assemblies work by getting communication equipment in the air. Doing so allows for less interference to a signal being used. A variety of industries depend on telecommunications to do their job effectively, including homeland security and public safety. By being able to maintain radio and video feeds, these industries are better able to remotely carry out procedures that keep personnel and the public out of harm’s way.
As it turns out, while mast cable assemblies are a fairly simple tool of the trade, the industries who depend on them do so with a high degree of conviction. As such, manufacturers must have years of experience to make a dependable product. They must also be capable of acquiring, and maintaining, industry certifications and licensing to be able to produce materials for a wide spectrum of industries at, or beyond, standard. Perhaps the one defining characteristic of the best manufacturers is their direct work with customers to provide the exact product they need for a specific application.
Mast cable assemblies are just one of the ways Lodan Electronics, Inc. has been able to meet the needs of its customers since 1967. Check them out today to see what else they have to offer.