The Importance of Logistics Management in a Cable Manufacturing Operation

Careful management of your supply chain is a critical factor to the success of any manufacturing operation. You need to be able to get the parts you are sub-contracting for manufacture to your own facility in an efficient and timely manner.

No logistics chain is free from inefficiencies that, if corrected, would have a direct positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Logistics management is the part of the business responsible for planning, implementing, and controlling the most efficient and effective flow of goods, services, and information from the point of origin to the end consumer. These are a few of the ways the best custom cable manufacturing supplier helps their customers from a logistics perspective.

Client-Specific Labeling

With the plethora of cable assemblies and product packages available, and the various industry organizations that govern them, some products may have many different names or identifier codes. When you order from LoDan, your products come labeled to work seamlessly with your current inventory system. We provide custom labeling that makes sense for your organization, the product’s warehouse location, and even its specific application.

Custom Documentation & Consultation

Your suppliers should be willing to provide as much instruction, detailed drawings, and test results as necessary to perfectly meet your consumer’s unique wants and needs. With custom staging and product development consultation your supplier can deliver custom products and instruction for the most efficient install. After assessing your product and customer needs, a good consultant can effectively transform equipment, including that which you already own, providing you with a complete custom product kit that has been rigorously performance tested.

Custom Packaging

Most companies are fully adjustable in providing packaging that best meets your needs, helping you optimize for shipping, storage, and quantity requirements to help lower your overall logistics costs. A good supplier can also optimize packaging and stage product kits to make it as easy and fast as possible for your technicians to install. Rather than placing several orders, waiting for delivery, and then organizing multiple components, our out-of-the-box solutions have been tested and are ready for install.

Custom Delivery

Regardless of the volume your production line demands or the locations you need it delivered to, there are options for your order to be delivered timely and accurately. If you want to streamline your business and outsource storing assembly inventory, you can outsource that cost and have inventory delivered when you need it. This can drastically help you reduce supply chain costs, since you no longer need to hire personnel to handle and distribute bulk orders to specific locations.

Custom Ordering and Delivery-Timing

The best suppliers help you automate order placements, deliveries, and inventory management to help free up resources to focus on more important endeavors, such as growing your business. With custom ordering, you can schedule manufacture and delivery to perfectly synchronize with product roll out. Inventory can be held, managed, and used for the greatest impact to your logistics costs.

Do your suppliers offer these services? Managing your custom cable manufacturing inventory and delivery should never be a headache. Partner with LoDan to effectively outsource the unnecessary cost in time, money, and worry that managing your logistics can place on you.