For many years, the United States has depended on their neighbor to the south to support their manufacturing, including wire harness Mexico provides for various industries. But the last few years have certainly cast a spotlight on how the future of this relationship may turn out. Political strife and posturing has seemingly become the norm, leading some to wonder whether the decades-long work done on both sides of the border may unravel.

A casual look at many of the products bought and sold in the U.S. reveals just how much this country depends on Mexico. Figures in recent years indicate that nearly five million jobs in the United States are actually created because of trade with Mexico. What’s more, because these countries work so closely together on all manner of products, it’s not as easy to say something is fully ‘American’ or ‘Mexican’. These are joint ventures, and each country plays an important role that impacts the other, be it in a positive or negative way.

Labor forces and market places are being mixed and matched, creating a symbiotic relationship that manufacturing is very reliant on.

But it’s no secret that political relationships between the two countries have had their difficulties. Though the countries have had strong manufacturing ties going back to the 1960s, changes in federal administration on both sides of the border tend to make continued discourse feel like starting from square one.

So, the questions remains — what is the future of wire harness manufacturing in Mexico? In short, wire harnesses & other vital components are in high demand around the world. Moreover, the wide variety of industries in need of wire harnesses, either off the shelf or custom-made, has allowed manufacturers to feel confident enough to expand operations in both domestic & foreign markets.

The biggest takeaway when talking about manufacturing wire harness in Mexico is that it’s important to nurture this advantageous relationship as much as possible. Not only do both sides of the border fare well on the economic front, but the client at the end of the line also comes away with a cost-effective, superior-build product they can depend on. Moreover, having an available foreign manufacturing facility that close to home makes delivering materials quicker. The future of this working relationship is tough to gauge simply because a lot rides on the overall relationship between these two countries. Still, the future does, indeed, look bright.

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