Custom cable manufacturing is unique in that, as the name suggests, there is a level of customization that varies from customer to customer. In fact, said customization can be relatively small & straightforward, making production & delivery of materials are fairly easy process from beginning to end. However, cable manufacturers will occasionally be handed a project that requires a significant amount of planning prior to production.
For the individual or company just setting foot in any number of affected industries, the process of custom cable manufacturing can be pretty overwhelming. Considering all that has to be addressed in terms of final product, it can be downright frightening.
To begin, when working with any cable customization, the manufacturer needs to understand how your requested product should work. Knowing this basic information makes starting the design process of your product much more focused. The manufacturer should be working with their client to make sure all vital specifications are being addressed in the design. This attention to detail is important because it helps ensure that a client is getting the product they want, said product works, and because this is a custom job, there is no wasted time or materials.
It’s also important to be sure that a client & cable manufacturer discuss they type of quality control testing that takes place on the manufacturer’s end. A client needs to know that the product they are receiving is reliable. This reliability can pertain to any number of testing details like pull-testing connections, as well as testing reliability in adverse environmental conditions. The last thing your company wants to do is be in the dark about a manufacturer’s quality control. Transparency in this area of the manufacturing process can go a long way in choosing the right manufacturer in the first place.
In the end, because custom cable manufacturing is, by the nature of its name, custom work, both the client & the cable manufacturer have to work hand-in-hand at making sure everything is on-track from the beginning. However, as a client, you want to be sure that you’re getting a lot of input from your manufacturer. Are you receiving feedback about material suggestions based on your specs? Do they fully understand what you need, and if not, what steps do they take to get this information?
Cable manufacturing, at its heart, is about producing a product that increases efficiency and improves functionality. Even if you are new to the process, all you really need to know is that when you need a job done, you need to get it done right the first time, and hiring the right cable manufacturer will accomplish this.
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