Without the sound and durable electro-mechanical assemblies you have come to rely on, your electronic products and systems would be unable to operate and would likely put your entire organization at risk. Unfortunately, some manufacturing companies are unable and unequipped to produce assemblies that meet the particular specifications and requirements of today’s electronics companies. By working with the best assemblies manufacturer, you are guaranteed to save time and money, and free up your time to work on more important endeavors, such as growing your business.

How can I ensure quality?

Every one claiming to be a cable manufacturer will fall over them selves to tell you how important quality is to their product lines. This is why it is important to investigate a bit further, and in particular, make sure that all of their quality and production processes are ISO-certified. ISO is a quality management system that utilizes consistent and documented processes that when utilized, yields results that are designed to exceed customer specifications. In particular, ISO serves as a means of benchmarking performance, analyzing the root cause of failures, and instigating corrective action for continuous improvement.

A company that is ISO-certified must, by definition, take their quality control processes very seriously, and that they stand behind all of their products and manufacturing standards. In order to maintain their certification, companies undergo a regular audit, meaning their customers can rest assured that their provider’s process and products are high quality and consistent.

What other qualifications should I look for?

IPC/WHMA Workmanship and type J-STD-001 Soldering Process standards provide guidelines for the standards of workmanship and soldering requirements for producing wire assemblies. These standards also serve to outline ongoing training and education required for employees. This training is typically conducted by an in-house trainer so as to make certain all employees are aware of these workmanship standards. Partners with this certification can provide benefits to their customers from the efficiency and expertise of a highly trained workforce.

What is the process for ordering harnesses?

Most electro-mechanical assembly manufacturers have the ability to respond to most quote requests within two days and can offer competitive pricing, particularly for bulk orders. From the time an order is received to the date it is shipped out is usually within the range of two weeks to one month, and naturally depends on the availability of raw materials, the complexity of the assembly, quantity of units ordered, and any previously ordered products that are still in progress. The more established partners primarily ship via UPS and use an email notification software to keep customers notified of shipment and delivery status.

Can assemblies integrate with prototype design?

In general, the sooner you involve your cable assembly partner in your design process, the better. Your partner can act as a consultant, educating you on the capacity and spatial requirements of the various wiring options, and can likely provide recommendations for greater performance or reduced costs. By getting your partner involved earlier, you are better able to come up with a design that optimizes all the various factors, limits, and specifications of your particular project. For more information or particulars on how to request a quote, contact us today!