Mast cable assemblies have a variety of functions and applications. Their versatility is one of the qualities that makes them so desirable for custom projects, such as communications, field operations, and even custom computing. When there is a necessity for electronics that can withstand extreme temperatures, or be very flexible for what the set up demands, or a need to be easily transported, and even all three of these situations, mast cable assemblies can fulfill these needs. The best part about the custom mast cable assemblies is that you have a plethora of substances and materials to construct them out of, making the end product as specific and perfect for your needs as possible.


Out in the Field

For a field deployable electronics assembly, the mast cable assembly is a quick-erecting antenna that makes for easy set up and transportation. Whether the situation calls for temporary or permanent cable installation, mast cable assemblies are ideal due to their wide range of capabilities. In addition, they have the ability to deliver superior broadband performance, and are durable enough to withstand repeating motions such as coiling and flexing. Also, the range of insulating and conducting materials that they are constructed out of include those that are tough enough to handle some extreme temperatures and environments. In a field such as communications, the ability to report from the scene reliably is key, whether it is from the battlefield, in a storm or any other situation.


Basic Communications

Cables involved in communications need to be able to provide a reliable source of contact and must be rugged enough to remain constant in the toughest terrains. Mast cable assemblies are designed to be low loss as well as provide optimal broadband performance in any situation. The cable design usually includes a copper-coated aluminum for its inner conductor, and an outer shield of copper braiding, over which there is a protective polyurethane outer jacket for weather resistance and flexibility.


Armored and Rugged Assemblies

Certain industries call for assemblies that are very rugged and have been field tested to withstand extreme heat, cold, pressure, and other extreme environmental factors. Specifically in military, aviation, and oil and gas industries, there are factors such as standing water, humidity, vibrations, crushing force and abrasive elements, as well as sand, dust and dirt to worry about. The world runs on communications, and in these fields it is particularly important in order to avoid disaster, therefore the most reliable and high performance assemblies are needed.


Why to Go Custom

The beauty of custom cable assemblies is that you can have your pick of materials, capabilities and set ups to create the ideal mast cable assembly for your project. Some companies will even pre-test and stress test the finished product to ensure that it meets your standard. Also, since the custom cable manufacturing market is a competitive one, there are a range of services and options that you can expect in order to get your dream assembly at the lowest cost to you while remaining reliable.

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