The Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

The practice of outsourcing human resources, business operations and manufacturing continues to grow in American business. Outsourcing’s roots date back to the 18th century, when Adam Smith, the “father of modern economics”, published “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, widely considered a seminal text. Among the concepts covered in the book was the purchase of goods and commodities from other nations, a practice that Smith endorsed as sound whenever it made sense for a business’s bottom line.

Despite this history and the demonstrated benefits of outsourcing, it is not without its controversy. Some managers equate outsourcing with a loss of quality or control over an important area of their business, or they view the prospect with suspicion because they’ve had little experience in the area. But remember that a manager’s job is to use any and all resources available to help improve products, develop innovation and grow sales potential while keeping the overhead minimum. A manager who isn’t considering the possibility of outsourcing as a means of increasing efficiency, savings and quality is overlooking a potentially highly effective method of doing vastly better business.

If your business involves a supply chain or a production line, you might be able to deliver a higher quality product to your customers—at a lower cost to you—by outsourcing your cable component production to a company that specializes in custom cable assemblies.

For example, let’s say your operation is primarily based in the U.S., but you are unable to design, produce, or source your materials locally in the manner you’d prefer. You may be settling for inferior components and offering a higher priced, but lower quality product to your customers.

Compare this to the decision to outsource to another business who specializes in this deficiency, a company that can design, produce and source something like custom cable assemblies to your better satisfaction. This will allow you to deliver a better product to your customer and strategically reallocate your company’s resources in another areas.

When it comes to custom cable assemblies, many managers mistakenly assume that a customized option is going to require large minimum orders, cost too much or take too much time to produce. Actually, the opposite is true in many cases. A company that specialized in custom cable assemblies usually is set up to produce made-to-order products in short times at reasonable prices, because that’s their specialty. In this instance, outsourcing your assembly can actually mean a better outcome for you and your customers, with significant benefit to your bottom line.

One of the first steps in finding a new vendor for your wire and cabling needs is to take an objective look at your internal processes. Where are your strengths? What are some functions that might be better served by a third party vendor? By taking an honest assessment of your current processes and business climate, it is easier to express your needs and goals with a new partner. After working with each other over time, it is highly likely your vendor will be able to provide you with greater services, better inventory response, and lower costs. For more information on how to partner with a quality custom cable manufacturer, find out more about LoDan Electronics’s capabilities today!