In order to understand electro-mechanical assemblies in terms of military applications, it is perhaps best to look at the construction & use of these assemblies in terms of 1) what they are; 2) the ability to deliver the necessary materials; 3) having the proper certification; and 4) the ability to deliver a finished product on time.
In essence, a device with an electrical & mechanical component can be referred to as electro-mechanical. Think moving parts powered by electricity or that have electricity running through them. There are an endless number of devices that can qualify under this definition. For example, electromechanical devices are used to turn circuits on and off.
Some of the places you will find electro-mechanical assemblies in the military include:
Weapons Systems — Whether it’s weaponry found on land or at sea, electro-mechanical assemblies are at the heart of makes them operate.
Medical Work in the Field — The ability to treat individuals in the field is essential to saving lives. In order to do that, mobile medical technology is a must, and over the years, the military has been at the forefront of developing the best technology for this purpose.
Military Vehicles — Tanks, trucks, ground combat vehicles, and heavy equipment transport are just a few to note.
Robotics — There is a push to have less personnel in the line of fire. So, greater attention has been given to robotic technology to handle more dangerous operations in order to save lives.
Air Defense/Radar — This is some of the most advanced technology the military has at its disposal. It keeps the country safe, allows civilian use of GPS, and creates a world-wide link for military personnel to communicate safely & securely while also being able to track enemy targets.
When it comes to working with clients like the military, quality and reliability in all areas of manufacturing is crucial because their applications are too critical to fail. The military aims at running as smoothly as possible, and in order to do this, the right materials in their computing & mechanical systems are paramount to their success. A typical assembly might do the job, but as with most things military, there’s a need for electro-mechanical assemblies to go a bit further. Again, failure is not an option. As the military contracts this type of work out, they need to be sure that the manufacturer with whom they plan on working can actually produce what they need when they need it.
The prospective manufacturer must have skilled employees that are fully trained & are up-to-date with current regulations & industry standards. Certifications should include IPC/WHMA/UL certificates, as well as ITAR compliance and MIL Specifications qualification. Also, a strict adherence to lead times for delivery of goods is non-negotiable because losing track of when materials will be delivered can be of grave consequence to military personnel.
The best manufacturers of electro-mechanical assemblies are those that have stood the test of time. They’ve seen the changes in technology over the years & found ways to utilize and improve upon it. More importantly, these manufacturers are always looking ahead to find the best solutions for their clients in anticipation of their clients’ needs. It is manufacturing partners like this that make the military efforts of tomorrow look bright & promising.
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