Mast Cable Assembly Options

For all of your customs communications projects, it is important to choose the right mast cable assembly to suit the parameters of your project and environmental demands placed on the assembly. For instance, a custom personal computer requires an altogether different material than does a major military communications installation. In one case, flexibility and space are the biggest constraints, in the other, the cable’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, wet conditions, or being run over by vehicles. Luckily, when choosing materials for your assemblies, you have several of options.

Field Deployable Assemblies

The quick erecting antenna mast cable assembly is the perfect solution to a wide range of temporary, extendable, fixed or permanent installations. These deliver superior broadband performance, and the durability to withstand repeated coiling and flexing. These assembly constructions come in a wide variety of conducting and insulating materials to handle a range of temperatures and environments. This makes it perfect for communicating information from the scene: be it battleground, storm front, or other.

Basic Communications Assemblies

The communications cable can be put to work in many of your completed assemblies to provide rugged, optimal broadband performance. This cable is designed to provide low loss as well as stand up to flexing and coiling. Typically these are constructed from a copper coated aluminum inner conductor and copper braided outer shield with a polyurethane outer jacket to improve flexibility and weather resistance.

Armored Assemblies

In the most extreme environment, you need equipment that can stand up to the standing water, humidity, abrasive elements, and crushing force. You need armored assemblies that can deliver reliable performance in the most severe conditions. These are used in installations in every corner of the Earth, from research facilities in the poles, to comms installations in Afghanistan and the Amazon.

Test Assemblies

LoDan offers a range of assembly products for a variety of testing situations. Whether you are looking for stable, rugged, and reliable performance, or require the extra stability needed for high frequency performance, there are many adapters you can rely on. Designed to have a longer useful life to withstand those very demanding applications, test assemblies have been used by hundreds of both military and commercial customers.

Specially Jacketed Wiring

With a broad range of materials available, you can customize your cable’s insulation to get reliable electrical performance in any environment. Cabling in marine and aviation applications necessitate the use of low smoke and reduced toxicity cabling. Certain jacket materials have achieved the NBC (or Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) resistant rating that can stand up to fire, extreme temperatures, and low smoke environments. Additionally, these jackets can be incorporated into armored assemblies for added protection. As always work with your aerospace applications engineer to find the best jacket solution for your next design.

Custom Assemblies

No matter your project, LoDan can mass produce pre-tested and custom engineered wire harness assemblies. With the broadest range of wiring options currently on the market, we can help shape your design and build harnesses at lower cost, more efficient use of space, and reliable performance.

This is just a sample of the wire and cabling options available to you. For more information or to consult with a wiring assembly expert on your design, contact LoDan Electronics now.