As we move further into the 21st Century, technology is becoming more and more pervasive, whether it is in the home for entertainment, or at work to make the job easier and more efficient. The most important thing in most fields is to stay current, to have the advantage over your competitors; know the technology in your field and how to use it to promote your best interest and give you the edge. When your field of work is being in the line of cable assemblies and wire harnesses, the technology that can give you that edge is certain kinds of software. Specifically software solutions to meet your cable assembly needs.


When you need to draw a cable in order to have it made, or create and aesthetically pleasing diagram of wiring systems for a client or a manual, instead of turning in your own handiwork, there is software out there for that. While you may not be artistically gifted, and end up out of time or frustrated with your work, there are several options of software to take the tedious task off of your hands. For instance, there are those that create 2 dimensional drawings cleanly and precisely, such as AutoCAD. CAD software is the industry standard and clients will be pleased to have a diagram that is legible and easy to understand. Also CAD software is arguably easier to learn to use since it has been around, and you can take a community college course on it, or even learn online for free. The other option are more involved, more expensive 3 dimensional drawing programs such as SolidWorks, which are able to produce drawings from 3D models, or even import a 2D model which the software can use to base the 3D drawing off of. These software’s will also let you print on your 3D printer, if you’re lucky enough to have one! While much steeper in price, these are the epitome of technology in the field, and the highest-quality producing product. It is much harder to learn because of its complexity, but your company should be able to give or send you to a training course, or you can usually purchase DVD’s that offer self-paced training.


There are also much simpler alternatives like automated document generation software. If you could calculate how much time you spend creating and designing documents such as wire lists, BOMs and part lists, that’s more than likely a significant part of your day gone. In order to use your time more efficiently, the document generation software will generate a variety of documents at the touch of a button. The same thing goes with instantly generating BOMs, manufacturing reports and tester files. You can instantly generate these files and save yourself from the hassle of bottlenecking because of the time it takes to create them. Especially when all that is required is a small change, this software allows you to take only seconds, where traditionally you would have spent hours re-doing it.


Be sure to do your research on what types and brands of software will best meet your needs. And as long as you maintain an up-to-speed knowledge of the fast-growing technological advances, who knows? There may be new software out there right now that could be saving you time and money. Click here to learn more!