It would take a very long time to fully provide insight on just how omnipresent cable assemblies actually are. A myriad of applications use cable assemblies for efficiency in repair, replacement, and function. It is important to remember that because they are vital to numerous projects, cable assemblies are one of the first places to look when trying to save money. The thing is that designing a cable assembly that marries the demands of a project while also keeping costs down is a pretty tough task.
But it’s not impossible. For example:
Composition of Materials — Cable assemblies aren’t necessarily “off-the-shelf” type items. Projects will vary between industries, creating a need for customization. At the top of most custom cable assembly build needs is determining the kind of materials from which they are manufactured. The raw materials used will be major factors in determining a more accurate cost.
Difficulty In Being Made — It’s common knowledge that the more work that goes into doing something, the more expensive it will be. The same can be said for cable assemblies. If an application calls for assemblies to be particular in terms of tolerances, then the customization will certainly push the cable assemblies being ordered to be higher in price. Also, if parts such as connectors come from only one source, an increase in manufacturer costs & supply chain interruptions will prove to be quite costly.
Full Specs/Bill of Materials — Speaking of final costs, one surefire way to help in determining the cost-effective nature of any project is to get a full breakdown of project specifications and a complete bill of materials. This way, all interested parties regarding budget can see exactly what is being proposed for a build & can make more educated decisions about substitutions. It’s also a great way to see if there are unnecessary line items whose omission can reduce final project costs.
Expected Service Life — No one wants to ask questions pertaining to the replacement of cable assemblies in the future, but it is this kind of proactive thinking that can save money in the long run. If less expensive materials are being ordered in order to increase savings, one has to wonder how much service life will be available from said materials. Even if you’re paying a great price, if you have to replace things more often, are you actually saving money? By ordering cable assemblies made from better quality materials, it will reduce the need for replacement, thereby providing more service hours & becoming quite the return on the initial investment.
The most important factor involved in making cable assemblies more cost-effective is teaming up with a great manufacturing partner. Far too often, cost-effectiveness becomes synonymous with “working cheap”, with cost-cutting measures leading to the use of materials that are subpar and sure to need replacing sooner rather than later. The right cable assembly manufacturer provides stellar service & communication throughout the project. Moreover, a dependable manufacturing partner will look over the details and provide input on a best course of action & give some insight into how best to plan for future upgrades & maintenance.
Cost-effective cable assemblies are just one of the things LoDan Electronics, Inc. brings to the table. See how your project budget can benefit from their expertise.