Working within an industry that relies heavily on customization can be difficult simply because any logistical change that takes place must be met with a new revision on how a product is manufactured. This level of customization takes on an added level of difficulty when coupled with working with a manufacturer out of the country, as would be the case with acquiring wire harness in Mexico. Though a relatively simple item, wire harnesses are important to companies so much so that simply taking something off the shelf just won’t do.
So, how do you choose the manufacturer for the job when they are located south of the border? As it turns out, Mexico has maintained a long-standing partnership with the United States with respect to the manufacturing sector, thereby making it easier for manufacturing to be done efficiently outside of the U.S. while also being very cost-effective. This, in turn, makes a little easier to help companies find the right manufacturer to handle their wire harness needs.
Here are a few other things to help guide your decision:
Facilities in Mexico — It’s the simplest question of all, but if a manufacturer doesn’t have a facility in Mexico, they should not be on your list of prospects. Manufacturers located in the southernmost points of the U.S. may try to sell you on the proximity they have to the border, but it’s not the same.
Addressing the Language Barrier — A manufacturer that’s on top of things will have no issues regarding the language barrier. Sales reps fluent in both English and Spanish are important to ask about simply because they can communicate information easily. You should specifically ask if a manufacturer’s bilingual reps are fluent in industry terminology as many terms a specific industry uses are not regularly used in general day-to-day conversation.
Experience/Length of Time in Mexico — You’re always looking for experience when contracting with a manufacturer. You want to know how long they’ve been in the game and what changes they’ve seen. It’s also good to know how long they’ve operated in Mexico. Longer periods of operation tend to indicate greater dependability and reliability in the products manufactured because the workforce is familiar with the specs.
State of Current Technology — Even if a manufacturer checks all the right boxes, you need to ask about the state of the technology their facility. Is it well-maintained? Does it meet industry standards? More importantly, ask manufacturers how they invest in the updating of said technology. Sometimes having multiple facilities can mean one location can fall a bit behind in terms of how much the parent company is willing to invest to keep it banging on all cylinders.
It’s important to note the recent changes in the political realm have made for friction between the United States and Mexico. While finding a manufacturer of wire harness in Mexico seems far removed from politics, the resolution of these tensions will be of particular importance for stateside manufacturing companies running facilities south of the border, as well as for companies looking to contract their services.
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