How Does My Industry Use Custom Cable Assemblies?

The prevailing world of technology leaves little doubt that custom cable assemblies are utilized in just about every facet of modern life. From wiring homes and businesses, to maintaining high-functioning machines in the military, wires and cables are found everywhere. Chances are good that if you are involved in an industry, you are using custom cable assemblies. Take a look at some of the most common industries employing custom cable assemblies:


The military is a very large and complex organization with hundreds of jobs and functions. From aerospace projects to deployments spent in the desert, the military finds itself requiring just about every custom cable assembly available. For setting up installations, contractors use electrical wires to wire the buildings. Industrial custom cable assemblies are extremely useful in the desert, where wires are met with intense sunlight and dust. Proper jacketing for custom cable assemblies is required in these extreme environmental conditions.

Layman’s Businesses

For the everyday businesses, like law offices and grocery stores and doctor’s clinics, basic cable assemblies can be found. Hook up cables ensure that businesses are connected to Internet servers and telephones. Electrical wires comprised of thin wire copper with thick PVC casings are found indoors and outdoors, connecting everything for purposes of providing electricity.


Industrial cable assemblies are particularly suitable to the oil and gas industry. Generally, oilfield offshore rigs require heavy-duty cable assemblies to counteract the effects of the extreme weather conditions, like salt, water, heat and even cold temperatures. Much like the elements with which the military often finds itself navigating, the oilfield utilizes a number of industrial assemblies.


Medical cabling needs are quite complicated, when considering the reasons for needing custom cable assemblies. Custom wire is the ideal choice for many of the specialized needs and functions of the medical world. For instance, most hospitals require both disposable wires and reusable wires. Many cables need to be able to withstand the sterilization process, which requires a custom manufacturing of the durable jackets and encasings. There is also a need for both flexible wires (in small medical devices) and rigid wires to support higher-powered applications. The medical field is quite dependent upon the world of custom cable assemblies.

Other Industries

Public safety, like police squad cars and the 911-telephone system requires custom cable assemblies to function. Public utilities also require a wide-range of types of cables and wires, including heavy-duty industrial cables and electrical wiring. Flexible and rigid cable systems are both important to maneuver wires and keep them transporting a high-amount of voltage. Marine vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and general means of transportation are also areas in which custom cable assemblies are not only necessary but vital to the maintenance of everyday life.

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