In the ever-evolving world of technology, the wire harness is vital to the function of most modern machinery. The simple, yet astounding idea of taking an organized set of wires and banding them together to perform certain functions has not only paved the way for modern machines to perform more efficiently, but it has put the manufacturing of these harnesses at the forefront of what technological advances may lay ahead.

However, if your company is in need of procuring a wire harness solution, you may find yourself in a common problem — you don’t know where to begin. More stress is added when you realize that, as with all companies, it is important to find the most cost-efficient solution, and this means acquiring quotes from wire harness manufacturers. Still, you may still not be sure where to start. Here are a few questions to ask prior to when the quote process begins in earnest:

1. “What are the pros & cons?” As simple as this question is, it can often be overlooked. This question is key because it forces you and your company to truly understand your needs at the most basic level. For example, wire harnesses provide efficient form & function, but you’ll need to find out if your workforce is prepared to interact comfortably with them.

2. “What is our operating budget?” Perhaps the most important question for any company, maintaining the bottom-line is always important, so before getting a wire harness quote, it is key to know what type of budget constraints may exist. This also proves to be important because you many find that a prospective harness manufacturer may have flexible options based on your financial needs.

3. “What is the overall return on investment (ROI) going the ‘wire harness’ road?” This is a combination of the first two questions, but it does get to the heart of manufacturing today. As a company, you want to be on the cutting-edge and have operating processes that show your commitment to progress, but will using wire harnesses be a step in that direction? Moreover, if a decision is made to acquire wire harnesses for your company’s needs, when will they pay for themselves? Tough questions, to be sure, but they are necessary to make the right decisions.

4. “Do we have up-to-date engineering drawings, renderings, etc. ready?” Though most companies might feel that the bulk of responsibility lies with the wire harness manufacturer, your company needs to do its part. This means making sure that you are capable of providing schematic information in your quote request. Without knowing what the harness is for and what general measurements might be, an accurate quote cannot be provided.

5. “What kind of lead time is acceptable?” It all boils down to this — what amount of time is acceptable to get your wire harnesses in place and operational. Understanding how soon you need your product may, in turn, provide the best way to whittle down prospective quotes based on whether they can meet your schedule.

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