Cable assemblies aren’t complex items, but you want to be sure that the manufacturer you plan on working with knows their way around them and can get the job done for you and your company. The thing is that when you are being asked to contract your company’s cable assemblies, you need to know what to ask for because not having a plan in place can mean subpar materials.
Here are five questions that should be a part of your process for contracting cable assemblies:
What Kind of Industries Do You Support? It may seem a little odd to ask industries other than your own, but it’s a good idea to see what a prospective manufacturer can do well. The flexibility in the products they produce for various industries indicates vast knowledge, trust, and having the certification and licensure to work in said industries.
What Is Your Testing and Quality Control Protocol? Always be sure and find out how a cable assembly manufacturer tests its products before they leave the facility. You want to be sure they perform exhaustive testing to not only meet industry standards, but more importantly, the product must meet your needs.
What Is Your Quote Process? Time and money are two resources that every company does not have the luxury of wasting. As such, you want to ask manufacturers how they provide a quote to the companies for whom they work. What kind of collaboration takes place between parties? How much information is needed from the prospective customer? This is one of the more crucial subjects you’ll need to ask about.
What Other Products Do You Make? In the same vein as asking about other industries, it seems a little odd to be asking about other products a manufacturer may offer that differ from what you need. However, your company, with any luck, will continue to grow and expand in a way that may require products you currently don’t use. If you build a good working relationship with a manufacturer that has diverse product capability, it could mean one-stop solutions in the near future.
What Is Your Production Flexibility? This is a tough question to ask, but in essence, you want to know how well a manufacturer can work with changing numbers on the part of a customer. This can mean changes in production runs or a last-minute increase or decrease in an order.
Finding the right manufacturer to provide your company’s cable assemblies can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the process. While there is a great emphasis on building a relationship with a solid manufacturer, it should also be noted that your company must also play a role in making sure you get the right materials. This means providing accurate information, measurements, and notes on the environment the assemblies will encounter to the manufacturer. This, in turn, can gives the manufacturer a clearer idea of your company’s requisites.
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