Wire harness manufacturing is big business all over the world, and it’s pretty easy to see why. While there are a number of theories about what the biggest changes are in some industries, most can probably attribute it to automation. The rise of technology to meet most of our needs has really brought the humble wire harness to the forefront. When technology is working its best, people flock to it, and when you can connect with the right manufacturer of wire harnesses, you’ve got a big edge on your competitor.
The issue — how exactly do you determine the right manufacturer for you? You could jump online and do a general search and find a great number of manufacturers that are local to you. However, in order to succeed & excel at highest level of business, you need to find the right manufacturer the first time out. The pressure is high, but it’s important to realize that you are not without options & certainly not without a plan of action.
Here are some questions you need answered about wire harness manufacturing:
Are There Other Capabilities & Services? — It is always a good idea to find out what types of capabilities and services a prospective manufacturer has available to customers. Being able to provide customized wire harnesses or cable/electromechanical assemblies means a manufacturer is more than likely involved in a number of industries and can also provide support & technical help.
What Are Some of the Industries Supported? — In a way, this serves as a breakdown of references, but at a glance, it is nice to know that a manufacturer maintains relationships with all manner of customer in industries as diverse as national security, telecommunications, and the medical field. Each carries its own set of standards to be met, which is indicative of a manufacturer’s flexibility.
What Are Some Basic Certifications & Standards? — You always want to be sure a prospective manufacturer of such specialized equipment like wire harnesses or cable assemblies has proper certification and licensing. Things to look out for are UL registration, RoHS compliance, and adherence to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard. If you don’t see these or find them to be behind, you may want to look elsewhere.
Do You Have Other Facilities? — Depending on your needs and the size of your operation, working with a company that has a wide national, or even international, presence can be helpful because you can save time and money by getting materials where they need to be because a manufacturing facility is close-by. It’s also good to ask about the consistency of product across the facilities.
How Many Years of Experience Do You Have? — You want to find out all you can about a prospective manufacturer, and don’t be afraid to ask for references for previous work & current clients to see if they were satisfied with the work. How long has the manufacturer has been in the business? If a company has a long history in manufacturing, especially across many industries, it means they have weathered the storm of a rapidly changing world & have adapted very well.
Wire harness manufacturing is very lucrative, and there are a number of manufacturers to choose from. That said, it’s important to ask the right questions and be willing to walk away from a prospective partner if you’re not completely happy. There’s just too much on the line.
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