The world of manufacturing can often be confusing, even for individuals who have made a career knee-deep in the field. Depending on the industry with whom one works, perhaps one of the more confusing aspects of manufacturing is that which pertains to wire harness manufacturing.
Any industry that uses wire harnesses must be able to discern the good from the bad when it comes to this specialized manufacturing process so that they know they are receiving a quality product.
So, when it comes to making sure a business knows it is working with a standout manufacturer, they need to ask the right questions. Knowing the best questions to ask does two things for a company: 1) it helps weed out wire harness manufacturers that just aren’t up to the task; and 2) it helps to ensure a wire harness manufacturer is on their toes because this company knows how things should work.
Here are five frequently asked, though absolutely vital, questions that need to be asked regarding wire harness manufacturing:
Does the manufacturer operate at standard? If a wire harness manufacturer isn’t up to date on its training and certification (e.g., IPC/WHMA-A-620), they are not the right company for you.
What type of experience does the manufacturer have? Even though relatively new manufacturers can still make a quality product, you want a manufacturer to have a large amount of experience in the business. That said, newer companies may have less experience but the industry work they’ve done may be very strong.
For which industries has a manufacturer provided wire harnesses? If a manufacturer works within a number of industries, it indicates they are well-versed in providing quality products in a variety of applications & standards.
How accessible is a manufacturer’s products? If you materials in one area of the country or the globe, having a manufacturer that has a strategically located facility is convenient and can save money.
What customization options exist for a prospective customer? Every customer is different. If a manufacturer doesn’t have much available in the way of customization, they are not suited for your business’s needs.
Wire harness manufacturing is a precise business that demands excellence from start to finish. Not only is providing a quality product paramount for a manufacturer that wants to remain in business, but it helps the company for whom the product is for be able to stand out within competitive industries for its own commitment to excellence.
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