Though many industries can claim a level of difficulty in the challenges they see on a day-to-day basis, it would be safe in assuming that navigating the medical field is about as tough as it gets. So, too, do the difficulties of the job fall on the equipment medical professionals use, whether it’s wear and tear on the surface or a wire harness on the inside.
Wire harnesses keep electrical systems organized. Organization leads to efficiency, both in form and function, and the right solution can make a big difference when medical professionals are in need of dependable equipment.
Though they can be found just about anywhere, here are five major uses for wire harnesses in the medical field:
Taking Patient Vital Signs — There was a time when vital signs were taken by hand, leading to pertinent information such as blood pressure and pulse rates taking longer to be read. Over the years, machinery has been developed that allows the same vital signs to be taken all at once, thereby providing basic readings quicker.
X-Ray Technology — X-ray machines are used everyday, which means that the amount of use they go through puts parts (interior & exterior) under tremendous amounts of stress. Medical facilities depend on this technology to help them in all facets of treatment, such as determining broken bones and internal bleeding.
Precision Surgery — Surgical automation is also a part of the medical field that is moving forward in leaps & bounds. By using various types of wire harnesses to create streamlined interconnect systems for video endoscopy, surgical power tools, and robotics applications, today’s modern surgeon can safely use top-of-the-line tools to make sure every cut is more precise that those of his predecessors.
Mobile Medicine — As more attention is focused on mobile medical equipment, the need for this equipment to be easy to use, efficient, and easy to maintain is at the forefront. Well-made battery harnesses that power mobility scooter motors are one example. Using battery power in the most efficient way allows a homebound patient greater freedom in their daily lives, which improves their overall quality of life.
Anything with A Power Button — This seems a bit like cheating, but the truth is that everything in the medical field that is able to power on depends on wire harnesses to actually work. The efficient transfer of an electronic signal is something that we take for granted. With as quickly as modern medicine moves, wire harness manufacturers are always trying to keep up.
A wire harness is a simple answer to helping keep electrical systems organized and running smoothly. Experts in the medical field depend on the quality of their machinery to deliver state-of-the-art treatment to patients every single day. Medical industry leaders must work with a manufacturer that has years of experience. The prospective manufacturer must also have all of the industry-standard certifications and licensing as stipulated by the medical field and all governing bodies pertaining to wire harness manufacturing & electronics assembly.
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