If your business sells any products that require electricity, than finding the right custom cable manufacturing company that can provide quality cabling products when you need it and at the right price, can take time. Choosing the right provider is a delicate process that should be carefully planned and managed. Rushing such a decision could prove incredibly costly to your organization when you cannot meet demand because you are still waiting on a shipment of wire harnesses. Here is a checklist to help you find the right partner.


1. Know What You Need


Your first step is to first take an honest objective look at your needs, both in terms of your finished product’s specifications, your manufacturing line’s needs, and your budget. Once you have a list of criteria, try to rank each item in terms of its relative importance. This will help you make decisions more easily when comparing multiple manufacturers.


2. Start Researching and Developing Your List


Before you can effectively start working with cabling providers, you need to research the market. Often the best way to find potential partners is to ask your friends and colleagues, particularly those in the electronics industry. Additionally, you should search online for providers in your area. Start building a list of providers who fit your criteria, and make notes about their differences. Many companies make a spreadsheet to help them easily compare different providers based on a number of variables.


3. Pre-Screen each Company


After you have looked up each company thoroughly online to determine their relative differences, give each company a call to ask for references. Note how each company varies in terms of responsiveness and general manner when communicating. It is usually a bad sign if a company is unable or unwilling to provide you with references. The best manufacturers will be proud of their past work and more than ready to show off.


4. Start Interviewing


Finally, you begin consulting with companies. It is important in your initial consultations to strive to give each manufacturer as much information as possible. You will want to have exact specs of all your products, as well as technical drawings. You should also share your budget for the product and the capabilities of your production line.


Based on this information, the manufacturer should then design a complete offering in terms of custom cabling products, and an implementation and training program to seamlessly integrate their materials into your products. They will custom design a packaging, labeling, and tracking system to make sure the implementation of the new materials to your manufacturing process occurs with no hiccups.


5. Make Your Decision


The final step is to simply choose the right provider. Some providers might be willing to provide you with work samples so you can get a feel for the quality of their product, and the timing of their deliveries of inventory. While it is important to make sure your provider meets all of your criteria, your gut instinct is remarkably accurate in determining which manufacturer is the best fit for your company.


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