Considering the amount of tasks modern electronics are made to complete in small amounts of time, it is no wonder that high levels of heat can build up during operation. Heat dissipation in & around electronics makes fan assemblies an absolutely critical component in all builds both large and small. Without fan assemblies, sensitive components would be in danger of damage or irreparable harm.

More Than Meets The Eye

But there is more to know about fan assemblies than just what they do. In fact, it can be said that knowing HOW they do things & WHY they SHOULD do things are even more important. For example, a motor runs the fan, but where will the power for the motor be derived? The source of input power, as well as the voltage, need to be spec’d out in order to find the proper fan assembly.

Assembly Application & Physics

It is also important to consider the movement of air across the assembly. Airflow for a fan assembly is looked at in terms of cubic feet per meter (CFM). Two things need to be accounted for: 1) the airflow against static pressure; and 2) how airflow changes with respect to backpressure during operation.
Critical to finding the proper fan assembly is knowing the application for which it will be used. Axial, cross flow, centrifugal, each has its own set of optimal operating parameters based on the application. A wide array of industries use fan assemblies to keep things in check. Everything from consumer electronics, medical tech, industrial manufacturing, and the food & beverage industry benefit from heat dissipation. However, each industry is slightly different. Not only is the environment different, but the voltage source (AC versus DC) needs to be properly considered.
It is also important to note what size fan assembly is required for the application. The dimensions within which the assembly is to work will be imperative when trying to find an ideal solution. Keep in mind that size of the fan is not necessarily indicative of the amount of airflow to be created.

When Customization Becomes The Best Option

It bears noting that while many industries can be served with fairly standard fan assembly builds, there are times when an unique set of circumstances presents an equally unique set of complications. As such, customization in fan assemblies is always a viable option. That is, at least, when the manufacturer has the proper credentials for electromechanical assembly work. Designations such as ISO9001: 2015 certification, UL registry, and ITAR compliance certainly set a manufacturer apart. It is also important that a prospective manufacturing partner maintain adherence to industry standards & certifications domestically and (if applicable) internationally.

The Right Partner

In the end, the right manufacturer/supplier partner is vital to success. Competition in fan assemblies & other electronics component manufacturing has been heating up for years, especially with the influx of lower-quality, bargain-basement priced goods flooding the market at both the consumer & commercial/industrial level. Companies looking to save a buck or two are prone to opt for electronics at the lowest price because it is easier on their budget. The sad irony is that with the right manufacturer/supplier, companies could have ideal solutions be designed & engineering to meet their needs AND work within their budget constraints all while not having to hope for the best.
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