If there is one primary goal of any business, regardless of size, it is that the last thing you want to do is lose money or waste resources. This is no different when it comes to businesses that rely on electro-mechanical assemblies in their industry. After all, knowing that your facility is running as smoothly as possible with the right materials in your computing & mechanical systems is peace of mind.

The issue, however, is that electro-mechanical assemblies are found in just about all industries, which means that businesses not fully in tune with the physical operation of their facilities may be looking at trouble down the line.

For the sake of discussion, it may be best to outline a basic definition for what an electro-mechanical assembly actually is, what it does, and examples of these items. In essence, a device with an electrical & mechanical component can be referred to as electro-mechanical. Think moving parts powered by electricity or that have electricity running through them. There are an endless number of devices that can qualify under this definition, but typically you are referring to things related to computers or that are operated by computers. Items such as fan tray assemblies, box build assemblies, and switch & sensor assemblies all constitute electro-mechanical assemblies.

Considering the wide net that is cast when thinking about how much electro-mechanical assemblies impact nearly all industries, not having all the information you can can cost you money. For starters, if you are having assemblies made for your business, you want to be sure that the manufacturer you plan on working with can actually produce what you need. Though there are industry standards in terms of items all businesses may use, each business is unique, and this can mean a high level of customization. If the assemblies manufacturer can’t produce what you need, you have to learn this as early as possible in the process because you can’t afford to waste time hoping it all comes together later.

You also need to be sure that the prospective manufacturer you plan on working with has skilled employees that are fully trained & are up-to-date with current regulations & industry standards. Moreover, you need to know what type of industry credentials a manufacturer carries because their records can poorly reflect on you. Your customers believe that your business not only has high standards, but that you look for the same in the companies you choose to work with.

Finally, your business needs to be sure that when ordering & acquiring electro-mechanical assemblies of any kind, it is key to know where the final products will be shipping from. For example, you’ve established a budget from which to operate with a electro-mechanical assembly manufacturer, hammered out a lead time for your order, but you neglected to take into account how much it will cost to ships goods from the manufacturer to you or your customer. Not only is your budget in crisis but so is the ability to meet a certain production date.

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