Modern medicine has taken healthcare into some otherworldly directions, and behind much of these technological marvels are custom cable assemblies. These innocuous little items are stashed in a blindingly high number of machines and devices that are part of today’s hospitals & medical facilities. While they may not be much to look at, their functionality is profound. Though a bold statement, it could be argued that modern medicine would not be possible without the aid of the advanced technology in custom cable assemblies.
At the heart of the tech you see in hospitals & other medical facilities is a lot of wires, assemblies, and harnesses, all made up of various materials. What they’re composed of is key to operating properly as the environments found in medicine are vastly different from other industries. Moreover, with the speed at which medical personnel have to move information, the inner workings of these machines & devices have to be operating at peak efficiency to get the job done. That’s not even mentioning how crucial physical mobility & wireless operation are in the mix.
Consider the following:


Advanced robotics are being used to help with more exact surgeries, aiding in the battle to reduce hospital-acquired infections, and even taking on unique forms in animal therapy.


Commonly found in hospitals, operating rooms, and ambulances, the ECG/EKG is a pivotal part of the advancement in non-invasive diagnostic tools.

Fiber Optic Endoscopes

Medical personnel need to get up close with internal organs, which is why the fiber optic endoscope is an invaluable diagnostic tool that has changed medicine since its inception.


This life-saving gear is indispensable. Defibrillators need to be rugged, easy to maneuver, and effective. When things go south, operators need to know that they’ve got the right tool. 
Because of such specific demands, standard cable assemblies aren’t either: 1) aren’t able to keep up; and 2) don’t meet compliance requisites of the medical industry. This is where custom materials come into the equation. It also means finding the right custom cable assemblies manufacturer.
While many prospective manufacturing partners are vocal about their abilities to operate within the medical sector (and other industries), many don’t have much experience. In an environment where lives are on the line everyday, the materials being manufactured need to be exact & reliable. Such qualities come from manufacturers who’ve been operating for many years, have a wide range of clients across multiple industries, and who have the right people in place to make sure a job is done correctly from the start.
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