Perhaps the greatest test of a manufacturer’s product is one that inflicts great stress on the product but causes little to no damage. The test of strength showcases that the quality and durability of the product being made is top-notch. However, it is when strength and durability are maintained over time that we see a product that may be ready to handle military applications.
Custom cable assemblies and their use in the military go as far back as there has been a need for customized materials to made to handle military specs. As the equipment being used has evolved over time with respect to complexity and function, so, too, have the custom cable assemblies that help the equipment do its job. Moreover, the job not only has to get done — it has to get done right. This isn’t to say that other industries don’t require strict standards from the manufacturers they contract. Rather, military spec differs in so much as it dictates efficient function and performance under the toughest conditions because lives are on the line.
One can find custom cable assemblies being used in just about all facets of the military. Some highlights include areas of high signal integrity that would be integral to airborne systems, field communications links, and marine systems. A compromise in communication cannot take place in the military for any reason, especially one where a cable assembly isn’t doing its job. A lack of communication essentially causes an operation to fly blindly. Moreover, with the evolution of military operations so far entrenched in state-of-the-art technology, it wouldn’t be hard to deduce the amount of fallout that could result from “a bad part”.
Finally, and it can’t be stressed enough, custom cable assemblies manufactured for the military must be made to be rugged and dependable, capable of handling anything that may come while in use. Such use can vary as much as simply having military personnel become acquainted with the tools of their trade all the ways to handling the stress of an active battlefield. Manufacturers who have been able to earn the opportunity of working with the U.S. military and Department of Defense have not only showcased their commitment to excellence in the products they provide to the military, but it also gives their civilian customers greater peace of mind in knowing they are working with a trusted custom cable assembly manufacturer.
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