The world of cable manufacturing can be very competitive. This can work out in the consumer’s favor, though, with manufacturing companies vying for their business, trying to out-do or out perform one another; the customer may end up with better prices, deals and business relationships than ever before.


One downside to this, however, can be false promises. A company that advertises the best customer service, or lifetime warranty will have other companies promising the same just to keep up. However, if not adequately prepared, that promise and end up looking like a whole lot of nothing from the customer’s end. It is always a good thing for a company to be prepared to back up whatever new promises or guarantees it makes.


There is also a trend of wholesale suppliers that develop, produce, and market all of their own products. Some even do custom cabling, as well as testing their own products. Most will promise same-day shipping, price matching, and 30-day net terms, and other benefits. Most of these also have their cables manufactured overseas, and then directly imported to keep their prices competitive. Involving overseas can be a bit tricky if you don’t have back stock and calculate shipping times.


Another trend that is currently widespread is blind drop ship, and it is very popular with those that sell wholesale, or are the distributors between manufacturer and client. It is essentially a way to deliver directly to the customer of the one purchasing the cable assemblies. There are other reseller tools that are also available with most wholesale operations.


The main trend in cable manufacturing is arguably custom cable manufacturing. In years past, the thought of customizing cables may have caused alarm and thinking that it will be delayed in processing or shipment, taking a longer-than-usual time to be made. Money was a top concern of course, the thought of having something custom made to meet a customer’s needs just sounds expensive. But with advances in technology, the competitive nature of the industry, and some innovative manufacturers, the costs of producing great quality custom cables in large quantities have dropped into the most affordable price ranges.


Methods have been developed to build cables and cable prototypes at a lower cost, with minimal wasted materials, as well as shorter production and set up times. A lot of this is thanks to a simple system: adopt practices that emphasize responsiveness to customer’s needs, be competitive in the market, and always having an innovative eye.


It’s a good idea to double and triple check the products to assure that standards are met, including ensuring that the core conductor wire is the desired metal and not a cheaper or less effective alternative. Most manufacturers offer a guarantee about the quality, including lifetime warranties. In the end, though, the main trend that is being seen in cable manufacturing, and what has been predicted for the future, is custom-made cables that meet every need and requirement, in bulk, and without the fuss of delays and without breaking the bank.


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