The world of cable assemblies is a fascinating, complex and exciting place to be if you work in the industrial field or just find yourself requiring a personal custom application. Conversely, it can also be a stressful and confusing process if you have never placed an order for an assembly before. If you find yourself unsure as to where to begin in the cable manufacturing business, then consider the following:

What is a cable assembly?

Cable assemblies are, in simple terms, structures that house cables or wires. There are many different kinds, from electrical to coaxial. Most applications house wires within a protective shield. A conductor, that transmits signals, is shield by an insulating piece of material. Various hooks and routers can accompany the cable to connect it to other assemblies and harnesses are often utilized to maintain structure. Some cables are bundled in coded groups while others are solitary. There are flexible and rigid and even semi-flexible constructions. Cable assemblies are found on oil rigs, in industrial plants, in military installations, in professional offices and even in personal households. They are everywhere and comprise a large part of everyday life.

Why are certain parts customized?

Different factors affect cable assemblies in different manners. A very big factor includes the environment. Exposure to sunlight, extreme heat, excessive vibrations and moisture are all different external elements that can damage inner wires and conductors. Outer shields can be made and adjusted with materials that protect wires from these harsh extremes. Additionally, certain routers and clips can be added to some formations to affect connections and installation. Submitting wires and cables to a customization process allows users to adapt their assemblies to their specific needs.

How does a manufacturer help the process?

A good manufacturer knows which parts to customize and which parts to utilize en masse. Generally, a representative is assigned to an order and works with the client placing the order. A good rep will know which questions to ask and can help and aid with the installation process and even the repair stage, if it is necessary. A good indication as to whether a company is qualified to handle cable manufacturing is to check the company’s certifications. Adherence to industrial standards should be reflected in the organization a company takes part in and qualifications are realized in the certifications gained. When in doubt, ask the company regarding their certifications.

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