An Overview of 5 Common Industrial Applications for Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies are comprised of inner conducting wires encapsulated by shielding material and outer jackets, meant to protect the wires from the outer-elements while insulating the signals of the wires. Just about every industry imaginable in the modern world utilizes these electrical components in different capacities. Because of the various functions of these cables and the environments in which they are placed, there is a great need for customizing these assemblies, based on the functions of the industry. Take a look at a few of the applications various industries employ to keep their businesses going:

1. Basic Start-Ups

If you find an electrical component, chances are good that you will find a cable. Every single industry and business requires the use of custom cable assemblies, if only for the very basic functions. These can include hook-ups for the Internet, cable running to empower electricity, and wires utilized for communication systems. The most elementary of functions is still connected to a cable at some point.

2. Sterilization Procedures

The process of sterilizing various forms of equipment begins with a customized process. In the medical field, tools, bedding, and machinery must all be purified. This process requires cables to be hardy and encased in water-proof material. The customization of a cable guarantees that a cable is able to withstand the heat, salinity and moisture it will undergo through the sterilization process. Cables that will be subjected to such treatment should have a water-proof jacket that can manage the temperatures.

3. Ground Communications

Many industries require the use of communication systems, including both the military and the oil field. These two sectors maintain so many different wiring and cable systems. When troops land in a foreign country, or on any domestic base for that matter, they will require the use of electrical wiring to transmit signals. Customizing these wires is particularly useful, as these wires will often be located in intense environments where there is exposure to heat and sunlight and possibly dust.

4. Interfacing

The process of interfacing involves the connecting of two unlikely objects. The military requires custom cable assemblies to re-wire old radio communication systems to newer models. Oil rigs require the interfacing of multiple cables and wires to achieve a new function.

5. Outdoor Wiring

Finally, with so many businesses maintaining operations outdoors, customization of cables is very necessary. The customization of certain cables and wires can ensure that a cable that is buried underground can withstand the elements. Intense heat, sunlight and exposure to rain and high temperatures are also good reasons to add extra protection to an assembly.

All industries require the use of customized cable assemblies. If you are looking for a professional and well-certified manufacturer today, contact for more information.