A Quick Tour Of Your Custom Electrical Wire Harness

Most businesses, industries and personal households in the modern world require the use of cable assemblies in order to function properly. By extension, almost everyone will utilize a wire harness at some point in their lives, regardless of whether they realize it. If you find yourself in a situation in which you will need a customized electrical wire harness, then you may want to acquaint yourself with the properties and components of these important structures.

The Harness

If you were to take a look inside any standard appliance, machine or vehicle, chances are great that you will see many cables and wires running throughout the assembly. These wires and cables will probably be different colors and will be enclosed in a protective casing. Clips, routers and connectors of sorts will frame and direct the wires. This entire ensemble, composed of insulators, clips, and routers comprises the electrical wire harness.

Wire harnesses connect and keep multiple wires and cables together. Electrical harnesses bind pieces of machinery to each other, allowing applications to send and carry signals and messages. The harnesses protect wires from harm, allow communication between various applications, and serve as routers.

Benefits of a Wire Harness

The biggest benefit to a harness is the protection it affords. The insulation protects the wires and cables from many different environmental factors, like heat, wind or rain. Additionally, specialized harnesses can soften the effects of shocks and vibrations. The connectors and clips hold wires together to optimize the amount of space a wire configuration consumes. This also makes for an easier installation process.

Customizing a Harness

Just as individual people maintain different jobs in the world, wire harnesses serve different functions and purposes. There are basic harnesses that come pre-assembled for standard functions. These are bought usually in bulk and serve a simple purpose. For other jobs and industries, it is important to arrange and build a harness with a specific need in mind. For those types of electrical wire harnesses, you would hire a company to aid you in the customization process.

In order to effectively customize the harness to suit your needs, you will need to communicate with the project manager handling your order. Let them know exactly what type of environment the harness will occupy and the specific function. Be as specific as possible, and make special note of any harsh factors the harness will encounter, like heat or vibrations.

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