An electro mechanical assembly (EMA), per The Engineering Council out of London, is a device that “…convert electrical energy into mechanical movement”. In short, electricity is created by way of movement. This, in turn, leads to a pre-determined function taking place. A very visually-arresting example would be robotic arms being used extensively on the assembly line in modern automotive manufacturing.
Electro mechanical assemblies tend to revolve around high-level skills. Technicians who work with this type of equipment do integral work in industrial settings with automated machinery & mechanical systems that rely on computers. They also take up the task of working with this equipment in the field, which can have a unique set of circumstances & quirks.

It is also important to consider the intricacy that is involved in planning EMA designs & final builds. Electro mechanical assemblies are not inexpensive. As such, it is essential that they are manufactured the right way from the very beginning. This places a significant responsibility on those who have the responsibility of ordering such materials, as well as the manufacturer.
Because notable industries that rely on electro mechanical assemblies include the military, aerospace, and medicine, optimal performance must coincide with cost-effectiveness and meeting industry standards. Part of the major balance between performance & cost comes from incredibly solid design & engineering on the part of the manufacturer. More importantly, it is imperative that the manufacturer’s team work hand-in-hand with the customer’s design & engineering team as this collaborative effort will be crucial in delivering an ideal product.
It certainly behooves both the client & the manufacturer to maintain records of previous projects for reference (applicable if they’ve previously worked with each other). Having records allows a manufacturer to readily complete a customer order if there are no changes from a previous project. It also allows both the customer and manufacturer to look over specs from before & see what changes may need to be made to remain up-to-date.
Working with a manufacturer that actively keeps up with trends in manufacturing processes and strives to provide state-of-the-art service to its customers is important. After all, your operation is only as up-to-date as your chosen manufacturing partner.
Electro mechanical assemblies are seemingly omnipresent in nearly all areas of society purely because of the amount of automation we as individuals insist upon. As technology advances and the needs of the individual grow, so, too, must the ability for manufacturers of electro mechanical assemblies to keep up with demand. In order for a business to remain relevant in their specific industry, it will be vital for them to choose the right manufacturing partner that not only understands their current needs but is also equipped to exceed expectations & prepare their operation for changes in the future.
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