LED assemblies have proven to be one of the more cost-efficient shifts in electronics technology in the last quarter century. Their efficient use of space, durability, longevity, and ability to be customized has made them an ideal way for companies to integrate them into everything from new products to company infrastructure. But the road to LED assembly use has had occasional bumps along the way.
Some of biggest criticism levied against LED assemblies early on was their difficulty handling heat dissipation, as well as their general sensitivity to high levels of vibrations. This was of great concern in more rugged settings such as industrial environments or military applications, for example. Given that lighting in these particular settings is important to convey information and maintain safety among personnel in the immediate area, the failure of an LED assembly at any time due to too much heat or high vibrations would not stand.
Further R&D would ultimately bring about LED assemblies capable of handling an incredible amount of environments. The functionality of these different LED assemblies, while essentially the same across the board, served as custom builds for different industries. Furthermore, the performance of these assemblies could not be compromised, which meant the final products were the most state-of-the-art LED assemblies made to date.
As such, you’ll find this stellar technology in a variety of places such as:

  • signage: street signs, building markers, etc.
  • backlighting: variety of applications for both public and private sector
  • aerospace lighting: communication in that fine line between the earth and space
  • public works: brighter, concise lighting has made for better warnings/notices to public
  • auto industry: complex electrical systems can amplify small LED lights that last awhile
  • electrical retrofit designs: audiophiles are taking old stereos & changing out old bulbs for newer, longer-lasting LED assemblies that are brighter and don’t need changing out as often
  • stage lighting: makes major stage shows easier to manage & more customizable
    However, manufacturing quality LED assemblies on a consistent basis is no easy feat. It takes the right facility, equipment, personnel, and a commitment to continual training so that product quality always meets industry standards. In short, this is the ONLY way LoDan Electronics, Inc. knows how to do business. We operate under the mantra that, “Customer service is priority one.” This applies to a number of applications be they commercial, industrial, and military.
    Since 1967, we have worked at establishing ourselves as dependable global manufacturers of all manner of custom electronics such as LED assemblies. We set ourselves apart by way of our Engineering Solutions support. Through their work, they are able to bring to life any design our clients may have from the design stage on through the production run.
    Let the LED assemblies for your next project come from the premier electronics partner all industries look to — LoDan Electronics, Inc..