A rudimentary take on power assemblies denotes that all things that connect into a power source utilize a power assembly variant. Custom power assemblies, as the name implies, are shaped by particular specifications important to an individual company/industry. The level of customization that goes into the design, prototype, testing, and production of a power assembly for a client will, as one might imagine, vary. However, the overall function is relatively the same.
It is the latter that some will point out as being of interest mainly because one wonders why a standard power assembly (in the right configuration, of course) couldn’t be used. Why dedicate important resources towards customization? Are there added benefits to customization that pay off in the long-run? Questions like these are not easy to fully answer. However, they do bear consideration as all operations thinking about investing in custom power assemblies must weigh the pros and cons of such an action.
But fair and full consideration of these matters must include thoughts on what makes custom power assemblies different than their so-called “off-the-shelf” counterparts. For example:
Military Specification — Though applicable to any major component, it is imperative that a power assembly facing the rigors of a military life. Power assemblies must be able to handle rough terrain, adverse environmental conditions, not to mention harsh field conditions.
Application Details — Suffice it to say, in order to break down the ideal custom design for any component, it is important to know the application for which it will be used. This will ensure that the manufacturer with whom a company works will have the opportunity to design a power assembly that fits the application and is fully protected.
Interconnect Configurations — Full protection regarding a custom build may not always mention the significance of connection types. Furthermore, there is also little said about the safety net that comes with a power assembly connection that is able to break away cleanly in the event of an accident. This poses less risk to other machinery, components, but especially to personnel.
Colors and Application — In a nod to the past glories of electronics, there was a time when color-coded connections were essential to quick, easy assembly. It also made quick work for organization purposes. Perhaps most ingenious was that it gave users the ability to assign certain colors & specs to a power assembly should the need for replacement arise.
Custom power assemblies are also a vital element in breaching the topic of upgrades and replacements in a facility. While many companies will argue for, and stand proudly behind, older equipment, there will be a time when that equipment will fail. Taking the time to look at one’s current operation to find areas where changes can be made is a major step forward making sure that a company’s relevance isn’t undone by poor planning.
Custom power assemblies are also just one of a number of things a company needs to take under consideration when thinking ahead. In just the last 15-20 years, there has been more political and legislative saber-rattling all surrounding American manufacturing. The back and forth regarding environmental protocols & green initiatives, more oversight & power given to OSHA, pushback on minimum ages for workers on the manufacturing floor…everything is on the line. This means that CHANGES ARE GOING TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. Thinking ahead to what might be better solutions for an operation’s custom power supplies and equipment would be more beneficial now than ever before.
Finally, and arguably most importantly, companies considering custom power assemblies need to work with a manufacturer/supplier that has the capabilities to produce the product they want. The manufacturing partner should also have a stout design & engineering team that can work with the client to make sure the final product is the RIGHT product.
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