If your organization produces, troubleshoots, repairs or in any way relies on electronics as a regular part of their business operation, finding a custom cable assemblies provider is key to your success. In order to optimize your production line and make sure that you get your wiring and cabling inventory when you need it.

However, for many companies, finding the right cable provider can be a very delicate process that requires careful planning. Here are a few of the most important things to ask before hiring a manufacturer.

1. What Are Our Needs?

Before you can even begin preliminary meetings with your potential candidates, you need to have a thorough understanding of your production line and wire inventory operations. You need to know not only what you are, but what you would like to improve upon. It is likely that your provider will be able to suggest other areas of improvement that you may not have even considered.

2. What Specific Capabilities Do You Need?

While lots of cable manufacturers are generalists, providing a wide array of different sizes and materials of wire and cable, some providers specialize in one particular application of wiring. For instance, some cable providers only supply companies that produce medical electronics and computers that must be able to withstand frequent iterations of the sterilization process. This will help you narrow down some of your potential candidates.

3. Local vs. Foreign?

Yet another question you will want to answer is whether you will go with a local company, or a company that is out of town or even in another country. The advantage to choosing a local company is that inventory fulfillment is extremely easy and quick, allows you to boost your local economy, and makes it very easy to inspect your provider’s operations. On the oither hand, choosing a foreign provider may offer certain cost benefits due to reduced labor and materials cost.

4. What is Your Volume?

Finally, the last question you need to answer about your own company before you start asking questions of potential providers, is what kind of volume you expect to demand from your supplier. This will help your provider estimate your expected costs, and allow you to get the best information about what to expect from the manufacturing and fulfilment process.

5. What Can They Provide, and When Can You Expect It?

As you begin interviewing candidates, one of the most obvious questions to ask is what type and quality of wire and cable you can expect from the provider. Some may be able to offer you a host of customization options, from labeled wires for easy installation to ruggedized cabling for industrial and outdoor applications. You will also want to know what kind of fulfillment window they offer so that you can plan your production and inventory appropriately.

6. What Does It Cost?

Another obvious question is simply, how much will it cost? Most companies approach this decision by asking for several different quotes. A quoted cost for each wire, the cost for a batch of 1000, 2000, or 5000, for example, depending on your inventory needs.

7. How Will You Communicate?

Finally, you will want to know what you can expect from your provider in terms of communicating requirements, concerns, and questions. Many providers will provide you with a dedicated account manager available at any time to answer questions or place a reorder.

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